Managing Online Feedback and Spotting Fake Reviews

Managing your online reputation doesn’t entail responding only to the bad reviews. As a brand, you should make sure to respond to every review, good or bad. Even when a customer doesn’t leave any comment, but gives your business a rating — compose a short reply.

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  • Check if the person reached out to your customer service. If not, suggest they do so in your response with a direct link to contact customer service and see if they follow through.
  • Does the feedback lack specific details? While customers may not remember the name of the employee that served them, but typically if someone has a bad experience they take note of names.
  • Have you noticed an unexpected increase of negative reviews in a short period of time? It could be that someone is targeting your business.
  • Did the reviewer mention a competitor in their feedback comment? This is generally an indicator that a competitor may be behind the negative review.

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