Link Baiting: What is it and how can you use it to gain more traffic

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Link Baiting is a very useful technique for attracting links in a natural way, which does not break Google’s rules whatsoever. Link Baiting is carried out simply by creating quality content and including strategic links leading to a particular website. With this technique, it is sought that a large number of users link a website content. It can be an article, a video or infographics in general.

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First of all, you need to take into account the fact that the linkbait you create will serve your SEO purposes insofar as you produce different, exclusive, unique, valuable content for all audiences. How can you achieve this? Talk to advertising experts, and do not skimp on costs. An unusual and creative content is the raw material for this task. If you do not have it, you can’t do anything.

A key to creating new and catchy content is being well up to date when it comes to local and international news, especially in everything related to your field of work. If your linkbait is an exclusive, get ahead of your competition and publish a quality content, at the latest, during the day after the releasing of some trendy news. People want to be aware of what’s going on in the world, and if you give them the information they need while you can take advantage of that in order to hook them to the content of your website, it’s a win-win: You will get your traffic and your users will get the information they need.

Fun quizzes and games are also a useful tool for attracting public attention. Unfortunately for some, and fortunately for others, most social media users are wasting their time right now, and most of their procrastination time is spent on memes, discussions, games and tests. Take advantage of that. Some game apps allow businesses and individuals to advertise. Search for the most popular apps that allow the inclusion of advertising on their interfaces and create a flashy ad.

Now, when it comes to debates, remember that people love to fight on social networks. You can write and design articles that trigger good discussions and, at the same time, link users to your website. Make sure that the comments section of your website is connected to a social network (Facebook, for example,) so that what people comment there is visible on that social network, and, at the same time, what other users comment on Facebook is visible on your website.

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Offering something for free will always be a bait. It can be a content (an e-book, for example) a product, a webinar, etc. Users will be attracted by what is offered to them without cost and they will do everything to obtain it. Always make sure that the linkbait mechanism implies some type of action that benefits you (you can ask the user to share your content among his / her contacts on the social media, to subscribe to your newsletter or invite a friend to do the same action.)

Moreover, the most popular format for link baiting is infographics. Infographics are perfect for transforming a concept into images and presenting the information in a much more attractive way than a simple blog or website post. However, infographics will only work as an effective link baiting technique if they do show real information from recent researches on your industry or niche.

Remember that in case you want the infographics to be easily shareable in other blogs or websites, always add an embed code at the end that includes the link to your page.

Another point to consider is audiovisual content. An online marketing strategy can´t do much without videos in order to effectively reach the Internet audience. Why? Simply because the current public prefers to receive information through images and video instead of texts. Videos are an optimal link baiting strategy. If you can produce videos around an original idea, convincing and valuable, you will reach many users and attract a lot of backlinks. If you do it on YouTube, your SEO odds will be even better.

One aspect that is always useful for drawing attention is good humor. If you produce content that makes people laugh, and if it is also simple and easy to share, the chances that what you produce goes viral are quite huge. Even if you can make people laugh enough to start making memes of it, your content will be present in the minds of users longer and more effectively than through the classic strategies of digital marketing.

Finally, whatever you do, do it so that it does not look like spam, another content to erase and look away. The Internet is full of that. You, as an Internet user, always ask yourself about the link baits that have worked for you, and always put yourself in the place of your users: Would they click on it?

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