Leveraging Public Relations for a Positive Online Reputation Effect

As an expert in your domain, you certainly have insights and valuable information to share. You can leverage this advantage into positive media coverage for your business. This is a valuable asset in your reputation management efforts.

Popular magazines and websites like Fast Company, Forbes or Entrepreneur are always looking for high quality content. If you or your business can provide this, you will receive in return a huge boost to your reputation and rankings in search results.

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It’s important to approach public relations (PR) with the intent to add value for the editor, contributor, and audience. One of the mistakes that are often made is focusing the content solely on you. This will most likely be ignored by most publications.

Unless you’ve accomplished something extraordinary, e.g. what Elon Musk does with his SpaceX, the chances of featuring content about you are slim. A better approach is to find what makes the audience tick. Then figure a way of serving this content that includes you or your company. Selflessness in this case will increase the odds of an editor picking up your story.

The editor’s aim is to receive as many visitors as possible. Therefore when you have an appealing story to their audience, it will be much easier to get included in their content.

An effective way to do this is to address newsworthy topics. There might be currently trending topics that have a common joint with your domain of expertise. You can similarly leverage ongoing public debates on topics you are familiar with.

The key to maximizing reputation in PR is to provide remarks or information with a high value percentage. It has to be something the readers didn’t know, such as a surprising insight or an interesting prediction.

Keep in mind, you won’t have much control over how the article will be written, therefore it won’t be ideally optimized to favor your SEO efforts. However that is perfectly fine. These kinds of articles will immediately have favorable rankings in search results and will have a positive reflection on your brand’s image. Just a couple of popular publications linking back to your website or your social profiles, will be enough to have an overall positive reputation effect.

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