Leverage Influencer Marketing in the Enterprise Technology Industry

Business leaders and enterprise decision makers have started to look at peer companies in their industry when considering the possibility of purchasing a new product or service. Instead of only using their own marketing channel, enterprise technology companies are collaborating with influencers to reinforce their credibility and increase their social media reach.

Since every business is trying to market their own product or service, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be noticed. Technology product buyers are also becoming more knowledgeable and the wave of ads thrown at them desensitize them to any marketing efforts.

As a result, the reliance on sourcing an opinion from peers they trust has become more evident. Decision makers will look at others’ experience with an enterprise solution or product before they consider it for their company. Leveraging influencer marketing is a great opportunity for enterprise technology companies to market their products.

When building an influencer marketing campaign, consider these guidelines:

Identify Your Target

If you haven’t already, the first step is to identify the ideal buyer persona for your solution. In the enterprise technology industry you will have one for the CEO, one for the CTO and maybe for the Sales and Marketing department. Understand what their needs are, how your solution solves them and who they follow online.

Spot Industry Influencers

The next logical step is to identify the peers, bloggers, publications and social accounts that your potential buyers are following. One of the easier ways is to connect with some of your target audience on LinkedIn and see who they’re following. Similarly you can apply the same technique on Twitter.

Build Your Credibility

Influencer marketing is effective when you can establish yourself as an industry thought leader. Influencers will also analyze your reputation before collaborating. That’s why creating high-quality content such as whitepapers, blog posts, and webinars is vital for laying the foundation to get influencers on board.

Once you’ve developed this content, share it on social media and within the groups that influencers visit.

Online Connecting Offline

A significant advantage influencer marketing has is that they can usually appear at live events, conferences and have speaking engagements. This is a great opportunity to connect your digital marketing efforts with direct, face-to-face contact.

If your company can work with an influencer on a presentation at a conference, you could allow attendants access to the slides after the presentation in exchange for their contact details. You can then leverage that information to place those leads into your marketing and sales funnel system.

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