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When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) one of the big goals of — virtually — every business is a challenge itself: gaining more traffic. Some will naively believe that creating a good website and opening all the possible accounts on the social media is enough for gaining more and more visitors. Of course, it is more than that, much more than that, and in this post, you will learn why.

What is fundamental, and where you should actually start is by the development of an adequate content strategy. Without it, it would not be possible to attract anyone’s interest. Given the huge variety of options available, poor content and a poor way of showing it is simply equal to make it invisible to Google users. Now, there are ways to present each type of content. There is content to do branding, another to improve the SEO, there are contents to go viral, loyalty contents, etc. The best thing you could do here is to learn to identify the type of content you have and research about the best way to provide it. That’s not difficult: A couple of searches on Google or YouTube and you will have the basic information you need for it.

So, once you have identified the content and planned the strategy to show it, you must take the strategy plans to the practical world. The bridge that will help you take the first steps towards this is the creation of an editorial calendar. When are you going to publish? At what time of the day? Where in the social media? Organize your calendar for at least six months. Make your plans easy to reach: If you can only post once a week, and you do it, it is preferable than planning to post two or three entries each week and really posting one every two weeks.

A tremendously important step to attract more and more traffic to your website is to stay current. All the time (seriously, all the time,) look up for successful content and trendy keywords that are being used, above all, by your competition. You can use excellent SEO tools like SEMRush (check this tutorial) for this purpose.

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Another key task is updating old content. Everything you have created does not have to be completely discarded as technology advances. Some things may still be useful to visitors and you just have to change them a little. Updating old content may mean giving even more traffic to that content that has been successful and is one of the references that make your website or blog famous, or it may also mean starting to get traffic thanks to some content that your visitors ignored in the past. What can you do here? You can improve the title, improve the tags, include images and videos, reduce or extend the text, include better internal and external links, among others. These settings can raise the ranking of these keywords significantly in a matter of days.

Be sure to consider increasing the list of subscribers. They are, after all, a constant source of traffic if you know how to meet their needs. If you create quality content and your traffic grows, start a list of emails. Send them your updates and get in touch with them permanently.

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You can also pay for advertising. Facebook Ads, for example, will allow you to segment your users based on their profile, and this will allow you to leave aside those who don’t belong to your niche. You can, for example, promote a landing page with an enrollment form where you ask for the user data in exchange for an exclusive gift.

Another point that you should always keep in mind is to adapt your content so that it is easy to read and load from a mobile device. Most traffic comes from tablets, smartphones and similar today, not from laptops or desktops. Never forget that people have little patience. If one content delays loading more than , people will search what they are looking for somewhere else. Even the same web design should be aesthetically-friendly for reading on small screens.

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Creating a linkbait is also an effective technique for attracting more traffic. Linkbaits are useful to draw the attention of the public and bring them to your website. Consider four aspects before creating your linkbait: A striking title, quality aesthetics, easy shareability in the social media, and, above all, usefulness (in any sense) for your visitors.

Never forget that you work for users, not for Google. If they feel that you work for them, that you give them some kind of face-to-face treatment, you can also ask them to like it and to share your content on the social media among their contacts so that others can come to you, and they will do so.

Let’s do it!

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