Learn How Social Media Impacts Your Online Reputation

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of devising strategies to maintain the online presence of an individual or a business, with a heavy focus on public interaction and services support. As such ORM plays a decisive role, especially with regard to successful marketing measures. After all, opinions — both positive and negative — are spreading rapidly in the age of the Internet. In some cases, countermeasures should be taken to protect the reputation of a brand or a person.

In today’s digital era, websites are no longer static, user interaction is a must. Regular interaction with social media has become essential for your brand’s success. Just like you, your customers use the website or your social media accounts to talk about you no matter how big or small your business is.

In order to cultivate industry authority, as well as earn and sustain consumer trust, you must seriously take to developing and maintaining an excellent online reputation.

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How much influence does social media actually have?

Companies increasingly have the image of the person and the company “on the screen”. The Internet as an omnipresent data medium offers companies many advantages in terms of digital customer relations.

This is where social networks come into play, where companies present themselves as experts in their industry and, try to build and maintain a relationship with their target audience. As we know, digitalization has significantly changed the way we communicate.

For instance, social media offers many opportunities that often go unused — not having an active social media account will leave you a lot of missed opportunities to expand your reach and attract more customers.

A social media account is not limited to just customers and prospects — it can also be checked by potential employers as well as business partners. For individuals, this has also an essential part of their CV, seeing as HR managers naturally check not only the CV but also the digital profile of the applicants.

The Internet is a very powerful entity, and it does not forget — this is how people get ‘cancelled’ over past online posts.

Social Media Reputation Management — Communication should be fun

The prerequisite for a successful social media reputation management is the joy of communication. If you only post content and updates from time to time, ignoring customer concerns or questions, you are better off without social media. Or, you could always hire someone, who can credibly take over the social media work.

Successful entrepreneurs, who position themselves in the company’s target group and gradually become more and more networked, rely on continuity and offensive communication. Those who know their customers succeed in inspiring them with interesting contributions — keyword here being storytelling.

Social Media Reputation Management must always be active

Online Reputation Management is always active — your online presence should be continuously up-to-date in order for the target audience to be cultivated. The current digital era provides a more level playing field for young, smaller companies that can take advantage of various social media platforms in order to gain and drive more website traffic.

On the other hand, failure to create a digital presence can heavily reduce a company’s chances to compete effectively. Or, how the absence of online reputation management, for instance not interacting with customers or not managing negative product reviews, blog comments, may harm a company’s performance at any time of the year.

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