Landing Pages as a Marketing Tool for Software Companies

Landing pages are an effective tool available to software companies to generate leads and improve their SEO. A landing page basically is a standalone web page, created with a specific purpose for a marketing campaign.

The visitors land on it when they click an ad or any other promotional content. Having keyword focused landing pages is important because you want to attract visitors that have searched for something related to your product or service.

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Many software companies will have a wide spectrum of services in their offering, depending on industry addressed, size of the business or specific feature products. Each different customer category will specifically search for what the need.

For example, some will be looking for “CRM software for online shop”, while another client might be looking at “CRM for car dealership”. Combining specific keywords within your landing pages, you can improve your SEO and lead generation.

When you create specific landing pages, here are some general approaches:

By Related Service

For example, HubSpot is a software company offering a variety of services depending on the needs of their clients. The main product of Hubspot is the customer relationship management (CRM) automation, but also offers other related services. As such, their campaigns will target not only prospects looking for CRM solutions, but also those who search for marketing automation or how to increase conversion rates.

By Location SEO

In many cases you will want the website to show up in certain geographic locations. There are many search queries that use location-specific keywords.

If you are located in Colorado, having landing pages with the location in targeted keywords will attract highly relevant traffic.

By Industry

Another common search query will be focused on the industry addressed. You might have accounting software as a product, but your clients will have businesses in different industries, like construction, engineering etc. Having a landing page for each one of them will greatly improve the reach and SEO results.

Landing pages such as these are ideal because your visitors will be someone searching their market plus a solution, which is a very targeted audience that you can address accordingly.

By Product Feature

Most software and technology companies, the product or service they offer encompasses a variety of different features and functionality. Depending on the nature of your customer base and segments, specific features will be of more (or less) interest to certain audiences depending on their business needs.

In this case, companies should consider using feature-specific landing pages that will tie in with their ad campaigns but will direct prospects to a landing page with the most relevant product features based on their search queries.

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