Keyword Placement for your Real Estate Website Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) in very simple terms means using things on and off your website to help Google (or other search engines) identify what your website is about. When you provide a clearer picture of your content and website to search engines you start getting more visitors.

The good thing about it is that you can optimize your website to boost your presence in search results. As a realtor this is doubly important. Below we focus on real-estate related keywords placement.

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Keyword Placement — Real Estate SEO Keywords

Keywords are simply the words or phrases you want your brand to show up for in search queries. First step is to do some brainstorming for keywords often used by your potential clients. You should create a list, rank them accordingly and have pages for all of them.

Once you have that, you need to place the keywords in five fields on the webpage you want to rank. These are: URL, page title, in content, title of images and image alt tag.

If we take an example for a keyword: “New York apartments”

The on-page elements would look like this:

  • URL: —
  • Page title: — How to Find the Best New York Apartments
  • In content — The main keyword should be scattered in your content at around 1–2 % of your total word count.
  • Title of image — new_york_apartments.jpg
  • Image alt tag — When you upload your images to your website, make sure to write the image alt tag including your keyword in some version.

It’s very easy to forget about these things, especially as a real estate agent. It also might look like a lot of work to get into the technical aspects of your online presence. However, this becomes an opportunity for real estate agents willing to put in the effort, to come ahead of the competition in the search results. There is also a lot of potential for realtors to cover content on neighbourhoods, communities or developments in the areas they work in.

You can’t expect to get found on the web when you’re hiding. This is a key thing to understand about SEO — potential clients are looking for services online and this will continue to be so. Your website needs to pop up as the best result possible for a given keyword. Do your keyword research and start optimizing content to achieve the best possible rankings in search results.

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