Improve your Online Presence with a Structured Content Strategy

Online presence for businesses today means more than having a website. A visually attractive webpage with great content is essential, but is not enough anymore. There are channels for online content distribution that every business should tap into.

Besides informative content on your website, it’s also important to have a well structured content strategy that helps keep a constant flow of traffic to your site.

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Strategizing could mean linking to different parts of your website, maybe someone wants to know more about the features of your product, while another visitor wants to directly contact you. Keeping this in mind, you will want to constantly analyse your traffic, its sources and how it behaves on different sections of your website.

Combining a structured content strategy with good content marketing will have a compounding effect on reaching your goals. The difference between content marketing and content strategy is that the first one drives traffic to your site, while the latter is implemented to convert traffic into leads or customers.

Benefits of Having a Content Strategy

Simply creating content and distributing it will miss the whole point of capturing leads from your efforts. This would be something like throwing things at a wall and hoping something sticks. Instead of focusing on raw numbers of posted content, devise a strategy that is in accord with your brand’s image, principles and goals. Some of the motivations to have a clear strategy are outlined here:

• It’s not absolutely necessary to drive all of the traffic to your website. You can use your social profiles to get new followers that in time could convert to customers.

• By analysing the published content and its results, your business can extract useful insights into how the customers react to different kinds of posts. You can then tweak your content strategy accordingly.

• You can create content that offers your audience an experience or a taste of your product. Once they see the benefits of your product, the chance for conversion or referral will increase dramatically.

Having a structured strategy for funnelling traffic, you can increase your selling potential by targeting different customers with different products (that exactly meet their needs). The strategy should comprise of types of content to be published, where it will be distributed and to what side of your brand’s online presence it will link to. Additionally have measuring tools and conversion goals to keep your business on track. Like this you will know how to refine your strategy to match your goals.

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