Improve Your Content Creation Strategy with These Tips

Content creation is a big part of any online reputation management campaign. As it is often said, content is king in the online world. When you start any reputation management campaign, you should also devise a content development strategy.

Sometimes, a great content strategy will give you better results than a SEO campaign. Use all mediums, social media, blogs, forum websites that you can think of related to your business’ activity.

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However it is easy to get lost during the creation of content strategy and make simple mistakes in the process.

Have a Unique Value Proposition

Content marketing has the purpose of convincing potential customers to buy your product or service. Clearly communicating the benefits of your product or service will make your visitors have a shorter decision making process when buying and as a result lead to higher sales.

Have a unique value proposition and describe it in layman’s terms. The content you create should pinpoint to the benefit the customer might gain from using your product or service. First and foremost people want products that solve one of their issues and solve it in an effortless way.

You can highlight different features of your product in different pieces of content. For example you can focus on one feature and describe it in depth, so that customers understand how it might help them whenever they need it.

Build a Content Calendar

One practical tip for organizing your content strategy is having a content calendar. Main advantages you gain by doing this:

1. Organization of your content market strategy by having clear deadlines for writing, editing and publishing.

2. It’s a time-saver, since you plan ahead and are able to automate some of the tasks and eliminate the hastiness of creating content on the fly.

3. As a result you will maximize your content output and the quality of your content.

4. Having a content calendar will help you visualize your progress and it will be easier to identify which pieces of content had a better impact on your audience.

Missing Evergreen Content

While most recent news and trendy topics might catch attention in the short term, evergreen content is valuable over long periods of time. This will help your business always stay at the top search results on search engines like Google. Evergreen content stays relevant for years and will accrue value for your website or social profile over time.

Content like this can generate leads slowly but steadily. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking evergreen content that will have a longer shelf life to benefit your business.

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