How video and photos are changing the marketing game?

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Digital marketing has taken a turn to the visual. Lately all good in marketing comes in the shape of a video or a photo, creating and offering content to consumers in an interactive and visual way. Now marketing is making its way to different apps like Snapchat, Meerkat, Periscope and Instagram like never before. The user experience this year more than ever will engage with those video content-filled ads and images that tell them a story. Now, this by no means is the birth of videos, YouTube has been around forever hosting billions of videos and advertising. What makes this year different is that besides having all of these different social networks to choose from and mix and match as needed, Google has also taken a step forward with their decision to give a test drive to in-SERP video advertising. This alone demonstrates that users are becoming a lot more accepting and willing to watch a video ad than click on a link or a pop up to find out more.


In the hopes of getting users to become part of the experience, instead of simply experiencing it, many marketers are turning to different social networks like Snapchat to grab their consumer’s attention. The short-lived messages are used to the marketer’s advantage. This platform is perfect for the promotion of upcoming events, short clips, trailers and teasers, generating an integrated marketing campaign that will reach a lot of new consumers they weren’t reaching before. This real-time marketing tool is perfect to cover live events such as product launching, trade shows, or one-of-a-kind events that the consumers get an exclusive sneak peek through your ad. You can also use this platform for exclusive behind the scenes content that they won’t find anywhere else. You can also take advantage and offer sales, contests and perks to your consumers through Snapchat by messaging a special code, or even requesting they participate by taking a pic with the product. Don’t forget to reach out to influencers, because that can definitely go a long way.


Instagram has gone big, now with the presence of videos it has really opened the doors to promoting your brand or product. This Facebook owned app has no doubt revolutionized the way marketing works and one of the most important elements are hashtags. Using hashtags correctly can definitely make the difference when it comes down to gaining more followers. Here it’s all about interacting, so pay special attention to your customers and take a genuine interest in what they have to say. Anything you can do to interact from commenting and liking to sharing is a win for your consumers. And finally, don’t forget to take this opportunity to let them get to know you. Post images that show what you and your brand are all about.

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Tons of people are using Meerkat to give the world a sneak peek into their lives. In this case brands can use it to give consumers a look into the behind the scenes world. Moreover, you can use Meerkat to tell a reactive story, which is simply reacting to a trending pop culture topic, but weaving in into that story the brand relevance. Using this platform to announce new products, or launch a new campaign will definitely get people listening and following to make sure they don’t miss out on what you have to offer. Meerkat is also great for an “Ask Me Anything” session that will offer the opportunity to have an interactive audience and an exclusive interview sensation and experience that users won’t forget.


The biggest difference between these two apps is that now on Periscope you can record the scope and viewers can either watch in real time or in a delayed broadcast. Periscope, Twitter’s app, has become quite popular allowing companies, brands and people to stream live concerts, public events, product demonstrations, Q&As, Webinars and similarly to the other apps mentioned giving followers that exclusive look behind the curtain. These apps are being noticed by all the right people and those celebrities have opened the doors to more and more people becoming interested in what’s going on and how to be part of it. The real-time interaction, that other social media platforms don’t offer, sets the tone for the future of digital marketing.


In an effort to stay ahead of the game, there might be an increase in silent videos. This is in response to how most platforms show an autoplay muted version on their feeds. Most won’t take the time to unmute the video, so marketing experts will have to find a way to capture their attention sound free. Towards the end of this year, it’s even predicted that video ads online across different platforms will be more effective than TV.

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