How to Use Online PR Effectively

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Press work is no longer limited to the traditional media. With the growth of the Internet, online PR as well as online management reputation have become a core part of any marketing strategy.

More and more companies use the possibilities of the online world to make themselves and their products known. It is no longer enough to be present with their own website and to offer a press area there. Here are some tips on how to use the online world to your advantage.

Say goodbye to your classic website

Many customers orientate themselves on the Internet by means of a search query on search engines such as Google. This takes them to your website and enables them to find their way around. But to make your classic web address known, you would have to spend a lot of money on search engine optimization (SEO). Whether this effort is really worth it is questionable.

The first impression is not only made by a website, but also by search hits and online recommendations that your company receives. Therefore it makes sense to be represented in as many social networks as possible. It is best to secure your name in the networks so that nobody can ruin the digital reputation of your brand.

Create a good online reputation strategy

Present your positive references collected on a website. This increases your credibility and shows your competencies. Take an active part in the online world. Leave comments in blogs, exchange bookmarks with others and network with business partners in social networks. As soon as you are aware that you could have reputation problems, you should take preventive measures. Waiting is not enoug. To react in time, you need social media monitoring that informs you quickly about crises. In this case, the fastest way to set up automated searches is to use a Google Alert.

THE BIGGEST DONT’ when dealing with the online community:

Disseminate content that interests your target group

There are many ways to publish your own online texts on the Internet. It is important to focus on the interests of the readers and to refrain from advertising. When choosing topics, you should limit yourself to those things that directly affect your customers. A corporate blog offers good opportunities to position yourself better on the web.

Always think of your readers

Respond to the expectations of your customers. Communicate changes to your products or services best via your blog — this way you communicate directly with your customers. Do not use your blog as a direct sales tool. Instead, help your readers with links and content and turn them into customers. Anything that highlights your expertise in certain areas is suitable as content. However, online texts are not just about pure information, but about added value. By doing so, you consciously classify the importance of a topic and give your readers orientation. The more up-to-date and exclusive the texts of a weblog are, the more attractive it is for the readers.

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