How To Use FAQ Pages To Improve Site SEO

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3 min readMay 10, 2021

The FAQ pages of websites play a crucial role for SEO positioning, contrary to what is often thought where the content is tedious and sometimes confusing for users, these pages have great potential for SEO if they are well executed and taken advantage of.

A FAQ section will also increase the visibility of the page in searches made from mobile devices, remember that it is increasingly common for users to use their cell phones to search the Internet.

Below we will tell you how to use FAQ pages to improve your site’s SEO and get the most out of it.

1. Perform a page audit

To know how to improve the page you must first know the areas of opportunity of the same, to achieve this you have to do an audit, it is best to ask questions such as the following: Is the number of questions sufficient? Is the content updated? Do the answers solve the question? Are there links to other related pages? Do they include support material such as images? Do they guide the customer to make a purchase? Is the design user-friendly? Are the keywords used correctly?

2. Dedicate time to the development of the page

It is common to find FAQ pages elaborated without the minimum care, it would seem that the content that is placed there was only put there because it had to be done without thinking much about its impact because it is believed that it will not have a high visibility, but in reality these pages can be crucial for users if the content is useful, remember that any doubt however obvious it may seem, it is likely that potential consumers have it and if they find a clear answer will increase the probability of making a purchase.

3. Analyse SEO status

The best way to realize the value of the page is to perform an analysis of where the FAQ page ranks on your website, you will surely be surprised to see the organic traffic it receives, as well as the use it has of keyword phrases, even if after the analysis this is not corroborated then it means that there is a great opportunity to achieve it.

4. Structure the page based on topics

FAQ pages with traditional structures display a series of questions and expect the user to find by themselves the one they require, this is not a friendly action, it is preferable to opt for the use of topics or search boxes that allow the information to be found more easily, this will also help the search engines to rank the content as useful.

5. Keyword research and application

It is important to have good keyword research for the site and then apply them in different ways, for example: in primary content, headings and subheadings, internal links, URL of pages or name of images.

6. Knowing what questions users are asking

An important part is to know what kind of questions are of interest to users, for this you can review searches in Search Console to know the terms that users are searching for in Google and through which they came to your site. This will help you to better define the questions and generate valuable content.

In conclusion, the content used in a FAQ page can have an important ranking, especially for users who are in the sales funnel and can become key to a conversion. Don’t minimize the impact this page can have on your site and take the time to analyze your content, design, accessibility and current SEO status and implement improvements.



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