How to Set Up Your Social Media Optimisation

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Having your website closely tied to your social media accounts is necessary in order to benefit from your online presence. One of the tools to do it is integrate social buttons.

With so many social media channels available today, choosing the right buttons to promote on a website needs some experimentation. Try to connect to channels you’re usually utilizing to promote your business.

Social Button Integration

If you created a Pinterest account some time ago and haven’t been active on it, it’s better to skip it altogether. Focus instead on other platforms where your presence is felt — Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Depending on the content you are marketing, you can use different types of social buttons:

Manage Social Media Profiles

When you consistently engage with users on social platforms, having a complete profile is a must. Fill all fields with accurate information about your business. This entails your name, logo, address, working hours and any other data relevant on the social media channel you’re using.

Use photos for profile and cover images. A photo speaks a thousand words, so use high quality images with your logo, or any other visual that pertains to your activity or your products.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags still play a big role in digital marketing, when used properly. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest use them to guide audiences. Keep in mind that less is more on social platforms, so utilize hashtags properly in moderation.

Moreover, look for popular hashtags in your niche and use them to attract new followers. When creating your own hashtags, use as few words as possible. A newly created hashtag that is long and hard to read sentence will be ignored.

Tag your photos using hashtags to make them easy to find online. Create a brand hashtag (generally using your company name) and use it when you share important content about your business.

Attractive Content with Multimedia

Visual content has become a staple in every digital marketing strategy and this has been mostly enabled by social media platforms. Infographics, embedded videos or even simple photos are efficient ways to attract new visitors to your website.

Articles that contain interesting images generate more engagement than plain texts; infographics get three times more shares than simple images. The latest trend seems to be live video. Used especially on Facebook, it generates high engagement from users.

You don’t need to be a professional to make great videos. With a smartphone, a few free tools found online and some creativity, you can come up with great content to share online via social media.

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