How to Protect your Privacy and Identity Online

Personal and financial information in the wrong hands can quickly disrupt a person’s life. Hackers and online criminals can utilize sensitive information to access someone’s bank account, obtain credit cards or loans in their name and potentially ruin the credit rating.

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  • For additional security keep separate emails for shopping, communication and newsletters. In case of breach, the disruption will be limited to one of your activities.
  • Share your primary email address only with people you know.
  • Inspect and adjust your privacy settings on social networks to control the amount and type of information that is publicly visible.
  • Do your due diligence before signing up to mailing lists.
  • When you make online purchases, only input your information on websites that have a clear privacy policy and secure payment pages.
  • Don’t fill out online forms without inspecting and understanding why you need to share the information.
  • Keep a record of what information you have given to whom.

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