How to Polish Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn has built up its reputation as a great channel for B2B marketing online. Hence, as a B2B company, you should strive to have a strong presence on the platform. With a little effort, your LinkedIn company page can build your brand identity, inform prospects about your business and industry, showcase your best talent, recruit new employees, generate leads, and ultimately close sales.

Here are some of the features and best practices you should consider on your LinkedIn Company Page in order to maximize its effectiveness and take advantage of LinkedIn as a platform.

Company Tagline

A company tagline — or headline — is the first thing a prospect or candidate will see when landing on your company’s LinkedIn page. It should be concise and clear, explaining who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

It’s important to avoid any industry jargon. Keep it simple and try to use relevant keywords. If you’re a New York-based business law firm specializing in commercial litigation — clearly state that. It’s to the point, and using a location makes it relevant to searchers.

Logo and Header

Visuals always catch the attention of the eye; therefore don’t skip out on adding a logo or image to your company page. Pages that include a logo receive six times more traffic than Pages without, since a logo confers it a more professional look.

If you’re using LinkedIn as a branding tool, make sure to include a high-quality banner image that is similar to your other content and highlights who your company is. The more captivating, the more attention you might grab.

Careers Page

If you use your LinkedIn company page for recruiting, it’s a must have. Career pages help you get additional exposure to a professional audience and are a great tool for recruiting talent. Candidates will always take a look at a company’s LinkedIn page before and during the application process.

It can give candidates a peek into your company culture with photos and videos and even employee-created content. Any pages on LinkedIn are an extension of your brand and can help your search rankings.

Showcase Pages

Showcase pages can be used to promote specific products or services your company offers.

This is a channel where users can learn more about your product or service. High quality content in this section will generate more engagement from your followers and readers. Showcase pages even allow you to create customized pages for specific targeted markets.

Company Specifics

Company specifics serve as keywords for your company page that will help people find your business easier. You can add several specialties, allowing you to capture a wider audience. The more relevant categories you add, the more keywords you have to be found with.

Company Updates

Inbound marketing is about information and discussion, not sales. While you should post company updates and original content, this isn’t the place for direct sales. Utilize this type of content to discuss industry news, share your latest development, and generate curiosity. Similarly, let your expertise shine as you post useful tips and links to industry resources.

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