How to Implement Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies that Really Work

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When trying to get your website seen, you can implement a series of tools and strategies that could definitely go a long way to improving the number of visitors and returning visitors your site has. One of the ways to make sure that not only that you get a good deal of traffic to your landing page, but that you also get leads and business out of it, is to improve your conversion rate optimization (CRO). Trying to get the edge may become difficult with so much information out there for everyone to get their hands on, so here are a few tricks to get you on top that may go above and beyond the normal tips you could find on how to improve your site’s CRO. When there are so many things that could go wrong, let’s focus on the ones that you can do right.

First the basics, you will need to truly become obsessive about your site’s traffic data. By taking a closer look at the performance insights of your website traffic data, you can determine who your visitors are. One of the most popular tools out there is Google Analytics. By understanding where and how your visitors use your website, you can definitely figure out things like mobile traffic, geography, screen resolution, among other things. Especially now, with so many different types of devices out there, knowing this information will be crucial to getting into the mindset of user behavior, it will of course also help you to improve tracking and targeting your audience so you put just the right information in just the right way. By analyzing this data you can identify the pages that have high exit rates causing you page “to leak”, or on the other hand that attract a lot of visitors, but have a high bounce rate. By knowing the difference between your visitors you can definitely make the necessary changes that will allow you to attract more people and at the end of the day gain customers through your website. From here, now that you’ve identified the problem areas on your site, you have to consider your visitors’ behavior when they visit your site. By using heatmaps, scrollmaps or other similar tools you can identify specifically where visitors lose interest and opt out of your site. There are some an excellent tools out there that help you do just this, for example vwo that not only allows you to have a visual tester of your site, but has heatmaps and clickmaps along with report analysis that can make your company make the right decisions when it comes to how to setup your site.

Besides these tips you should really look into using real-time surveys, focusing on making your website truly personalized, tracking all conversion, embracing new tools and strategies and using video marketing to your advantage, which you can definitely find a bit of on the Reputation Defender Blog. There no moment like the present, which is why getting your visitors opinions on the spot will come in handy. That is the moment when they will most have something to say about your site, its content and usefulness to them. Besides this, the personalization factor will help your visitors find easily the information that relates only to their interests, making it a lot more feasible for them to convert. Once a visitor has converted, you have to keep track of him and the type of conversions. You could have macro conversions, which are those visitors who buy a product, confirm their subscription or go through with any other action that could be considered as complete engagement and commitment to the site. Whereas micro conversions, which could be just as important, are those that interact and engage in a limited manner when they either download an eBook for your site, or simply request a demo of your product instead of buying it. By keeping all of this information straight you will come across vital information to help your site succeed, but you should also consider embracing new tools and strategies that can get you the extra mile.

More and more people are connecting via multiple devices, from remote locations, so the more we understand their behavior the easier we can increase our conversion rate. Stepping outside of the box a little, consider analyzing what your competition’s CRO strategies are. By understanding what they do that works, you can maybe implement it yourself. You definitely need to try out new things like multiple step forms, aligned keywords, create a sense of urgency for them and finally figure new ways of building their trust. If we want someone to take that next step, especially while on the go, they have to trust the site enough to want to give their personal information, or to buy something from it. At the end of the day it will become essential to simply think outside of the box to find ways to engage visitors, track their behavior and constantly adjust your site to further increase conversion rates.

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