How to Generate Brand Awareness Despite Powerful Competitors

As a company, you want to promote your brand via social media and, at best, generate leads directly. If you’re not one of the big players in this field, there may be some obstacles. Especially then: don’t leave the side of your target group.

Brand awareness needs repetition and relevance

In order to achieve its objectives as a company, the company is reminded of a well-known slogan: “Always there, always close”. In online marketing, the motto can be applied to your content and ads.

On the one hand, you must always be visible to the users, you must always be in their path on the web. Whether this is in the form of your frequently shared articles or ads. On the other hand, you should be close enough to the target group so that you know what kind of content appeals to them and represents relevance, even added value, for the users.

The keywords of this strategy are omnipresence and relevance. These are vague terms, but they carry a lot of weight for your marketing, for example via Facebook.

Three points in the content strategy

In order for your company to have a constant presence with its products and content, it first needs content as well as ad creation. Overall, there are three important points that make up this success model:

  • create and share relevant content
  • reach the “right” target group at the “right” time
  • implement the strategy in a cost-saving way

When it comes to awareness or attention, your content naturally plays the biggest role. First you create your content, for instance a high quality article. In addition, you can also create an ad to help you share this article. In this way you try to generate leads, so that you bind some users directly to you and your brand.

But just by sharing content, by ads, by link building, by cooperation etc. you will only be able to convince a fraction of the users. Because the content is not the lead guarantor. Videos, blog posts, infographics or memes are something that draws attention to you. With good quality, all the more so; but more is not necessarily so.

The essential point for you is to appear in the feed again and again with your target group. With always high quality content that also arouses curiosity. What you see every day will inevitably make you curious at some point.

The right time, the right target group

However, you may not blindly squander your resources, for example the budget for your Facebook Ads. You have to reach the users relevant to you at a time when they can get added value from your content.

Just from the followers of your Facebook page, but also from other insights, you can divide your target group. Again, it is recommended that you use a three-way division of the group, in:

  • hot
  • warm
  • to educate

The first subgroup responds to your content with a high level of commitment and therefore does not have to be confronted with simple “This is the company” ads or similar. You should have access to insights about the company, how-to videos, etc.

The “warm” target group knows your company, but nothing more. Here you have to convince with quality and maybe call to share or like.

The last group first has to get acquainted with your brand and therefore does not need the concrete content that the “hot” group should receive. Rather, PR content, introductory articles or short ads are useful here.

It is also important that you try to estimate the frequency of the content depending on the commitment or awareness of the individual subgroups. If you correspond with your brand anyway, you should not constantly see advertisements from it.

Do the whole thing without too much financial effort

Tips for saving your budget are settings available on social media platforms or on Google that you can make use of for promotion. There you can create rules for campaigns, so that you can regulate the frequency of an ad, for example. If, for example, a view number that you specify is exceeded, the campaign can be paused.

After all, you need to stay relevant, not just high-frequency. These options also have the advantage that you can control your budget and reinvest these savings in developing your brand awareness.




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Your search results affect how people perceive you. Learn how ReputationDefender can help protect your online reputation.

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