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According to some experts that were consulted, we have selected those tools of digital marketing that best adapt to the strategy of an entrepreneur. Well used and combined, these tools are enough for any small or medium sized business.

There are some great free tools on the web that allow you to make a newsletter with all the news that you offer and send it by e-mail to all your contacts. You can also purchase email databases from specialized companies. There are several ways to collect emails: from your website through subscriptions, with inserts from specialized pages of your sector, through a blog… Your newsletter can be as elaborate as you want it to be, it can even be your website or simply a word information letter with the corresponding links. What you do have to keep in mind when doing some email marketing is to avoid turning your emails into spam, communicate clearly and precisely what you want to communicate and send a message as personalized as possible and preferably including the recipient’s name. An option are also RSS lists where users are given updates on their favorite webmasters, avoiding the risk of spam.

This is one of the first tools that you must use. Creating a blog is very simple and inexpensive. Today you can do it for free. The difficulty here is to offer interesting information that will attract traffic to your posts. You can include photos, videos, music, etc. Don’t be afraid about the negative perceptions that can placed on this blog about your company or your products, this is the best place to provide explanations or to rebut criticism. In addition to the comments that you can make on your specialty topic, a good blog needs to include information on the sector or the market in which you move. But it does have to be fully updated, as a minimum you must post on it at least three times a week.

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This is the guerrilla marketing moved into the web. It is about creating an email that will go from one direction to another and will generate entries to my site or will cause massive knowledge on something that interests me. The price varies depending on what you want to do, but in some cases it may be very cheap if you have a bit of imagination and creativity. The problem of viral marketing is that no one has the secret to produce impact: there are some campaigns even on false news that work very well and others however sometimes do not. The ones that work better are the ones that make people laugh, the ones that offer something in exchange for participating in the sending also work well, the ones that seem very real and informative, the ones that talk about some specific problems, the invitations to argue, etc, all work. But it is very important to properly select the first emissaries and the hourly and daily strip in which you are going to do them or send them: If you want to reach professionals, do not do it on Mondays because emails tend to be saturated; If you are reaching a younger audience, send it late at night or over the weekends, this is when most of them are online. In any case a good viral marketing campaign is rather expensive, you can do something for 900 dollars, but it depends on the creativity and imagination of the person who does it. Viral marketing through online games can also be done, but these tend to be more expensive solutions that are not interesting to smaller companies.

The traditional formula of the banner does not give the desired result because they became very intrusive and have a very limited conversion. There are now more interactive formulas such as Rich Media Ads, for which an estimated conversion ratio is of around 70%, but these require a significant investment, not only because of the inclusion but because it becomes necessary to hire a streaming server to speed up the reading performance of the ads. A campaign for Rich Media Ads does not go lower than 6,000 euros a year. The purchase of advertising space is very appropriate to reinforce your brand image, but you must be careful to purchase advertising space only in sites that are appropriate to your target, it is what is commonly called “a media support plan with affinity to your target”, and you can buy it at the cost price per visit. The problem is that this has a more passive behavior than the SEO or SEM marketing.

Every marketing strategy has to have its proper plan, never forget that a good plan can take you further than no plan, and remember that.

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