How to boost leads with 5 digital marketing strategies

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How do I bring in more visitors to my site and convince them my product is exactly what they need? This is one of the questions that haunts companies the most when it comes to their online efforts. You can’t have success unless people know who you are and the advantages you’re your product offers. Digital marketing has taken on a crucial role in terms of generating leads that will bring in new customers and therefore increase sales. There are a number of different strategies marketers can use to boost leads and bring in more sales.

Social media is one of the pillars of digital marketing. Social networks are where people go to learn about the latest trends and what’s worth knowing and what’s not. They are constantly searching for companies that can fulfill their needs on social media. Therefore, having a profile on the most prominent sites is a must. However, having one for the sake of owning a profile will lead to disaster. A company must be an active participant in the networks they decide to open profiles on and they should take advantage of each networks strengths to bring in audiences from each one.

Once visitors come to your site make sure that you capture their attention. Here is where landing pages are extremely helpful. ReputationDefender has written about them in the past. There are different types of landing pages out there that are sure to generate more leads and peak a visitor’s curiosity. Through a landing page, a company can collect valuable information on potential customers while offering them a product or service. Remember that landing pages serve a purpose, one which is usually associated to a specific marketing campaign. Therefore, depending on the campaign or campaigns a company wants to launch, there might be several landing pages. This is not an issue; it could actually be a bonus.

Content marketing is another helpful strategy in turning leads into loyal followers. Visitors are usually looking to satisfy some sort of need and if they are on your site and they stay on there, that means they believe you can help them or guide them in the right direction. A lot of times, users are not looking for a product but they want to gain further understanding on an industry. Having a blog and creating quality content is key to going the extra mile with visitors and showing them that a company is more than a product or service, but rather a place they can go to when need credible and reliable information.

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PPC advertising has been a successful strategy in driving more traffic to a site, specifically its landing pages. PPC is essentially placing an ad on a website or search engine and paying the service provider whenever the ad is clicked on. It’s a great way to start to get some exposure without having to spend an enormous amount of money on advertising.

You want to make sure that your leads and those coming to your website do it organically. This means that they either search for your site, they were recommended by a friend, through social networks, or through PPC ads. While these strategies may take a while to generate followers they are truly the most effective in the end. Some companies don’t have the patience so they decide to buy leads. In other words, they pay others to be included into their “affiliates or partners” list. Whenever a user signs up for something or they fill out a form online they are usually asked if their info can be sent to their partners. This ends up in them receiving a lot of email from a company they have never heard of or one that they would never contact. This could actually end up hurting a company’s efforts to generate more leads and convert more visitors.

A company will find it difficult to gain any following if they are not concentrated on digital marketing. Traditional marketing methods can only reach a minority audience nowadays so companies must focus on those who are online. Bringing in more visitors through social media marketing and search engine marketing are key to gaining recognition and to showing potential customers they should be coming to you to fulfill their needs. Additionally, posting content on social networks and blogs goes a long way towards showing users that the bottom line is not everything that matters to a company. Any digital marketing strategy should be aimed at the user, he or she must be the focal point. People are a whole lot wiser at detecting when a company truly cares for them or if they are just looking to make a quick buck. Leads will turn into conversion once visitors notice the company is authentic and that the customer’s needs come before the company’s end of the year financial statement.

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