How to Approach Negative Comments on Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of customer experience for many brands. Considering the wide variety of communication channels, customers use social media to interact and engage with brands they like — this includes positive and negative feedback as well.

Whenever a negative mention of your brand appears on social media, it’s important to understand how to address the issue and make sure you have processes in place to find resolutions swiftly.

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Comments as Reviews

On social media, a negative mention should be internally regarded as a tiny review of your brand. Keep in mind that this tiny review might potentially be online forever.

According to studies 42% of customers acquaint themselves with products and brands through Twitter alone. This means a few negative Tweets could provide the wrong first impression for many potential customers.

Obviously, every business will want to turn negative comments into a positive outcome, but interacting with positive comments is just as important. This is a good method to showcase the positive side of your customers’ experience.

Under Promise and Over-Deliver

Sometimes upon reading a complaint online, you might feel like the issue can be easily resolved within a short timeframe. However, there might always be unexpected obstacles, preventing you from delivering the solution. That’s why before promising anything to a frustrated customer, it’s always best to ensure you can keep your end of the bargain.

Alternatively, for an immediate response promise that you are working towards a solution — then deliver a compelling solution as soon as you have it confirmed. Customers on social media will typically expect short timeframes to receive a response — so make sure you can quickly address the complaint.

Surprise the Customer

When dealing with customers’ complaints, try to be a step ahead of the customers and pleasantly surprise them. Don’t wait for them to tell you what they want, but try to gain an understanding of their issue. By gaining as much knowledge as possible about the position they find themselves in, you can find an ideal solution for their needs and turn that negative sentiment into a positive one.

As some negative comments might become repetitive, you can create a plan on how to address popular complaints. When you find a quick fix to customers’ issues, it will reflect positively on your reputation as a business.

Offer Alternatives

From time to time it won’t be possible to fully satisfy a customer request and an incomplete solution might leave the customer angry with your brand.

In this case apologize to the customer and offer alternatives that might exceed their expectations. This lets your customer know you do care and want to help, even if you cannot do it in the exact way they would prefer.

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