How Small Businesses can Use Video Content to Engage with their Followers

Video content has become one of the beloved types of content to be consumed by users. If your business isn’t leveraging video, then it should start as soon as possible.

While the popularity of video is rising, not many small businesses have started creating videos yet, so there are still plenty of opportunities to take advantage of.

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Social media platforms have integrated video content and offer free tools to create, promote and market your videos.

Use Locality for Video Content

As a small business you can utilize your locality to spark interest. You know your local area and where to find hidden gems within your city. One easy way to engage with followers is to recommend restaurants or things to do when visiting.

In your videos you can talk about entertainment venues, upcoming events or point out hiking trails and accommodation spots. Providing interesting local guides will boost traffic from locals and those who are traveling to your area.

Alternatively, create videos that explain interesting facts or the history of various points of interest near you.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Another opportunity for video content can be some behind-the-scenes content. For example, you can showcase how your product is in the process of being manufactured or a work process your team is going through. Similarly, sharing some team internal milestones is also a great way to update your followers on your progress.

Local Events

Conferences and local events are great venues to meet prospective clients and form new collaboration partnerships. Make sure you are looking for local conferences coming to your city. Use these opportunities to create video content in the form of a short live stream or a video overview of the event you are attending.

Share a Story

Storytelling has always grabbed people’s attention and video is the perfect format for telling a memorable story. Tell the story of how you founded the company, who inspired you and what challenges you had to overcome. Find stories within your company telling how employees found you and how did that impact their life. Share stories of your happy customers.

Interesting stories are easily picked up by local media. Most cities have independent newspapers and websites that are totally focused on a small part of the region. A single review on a local newspaper, blog or a local radio station’s website or a visit from a television crew for the local news will have an immense impact on your reputation as a business and within your industry.

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