How SEO can help you create the best press releases

Originally, press releases have been a tool of self promotion for companies, whether to spread information about new services or products or to provide corporate information to the media. Even though their usefulness has been widely debated, press releases can also be a good resource to position our company within search engines.

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  • Anchor text: these are the links that point to your website. They should be natural in order not to obtain a punishment from the search engine.
  • Keyword: this is quite self explanatory, these are simply the keywords with which we want to position ourselves in the search engines.
  • Link building: it is a search engine optimization strategy to obtain links that point to our blog or website.
  • Pagerank. it is a numerical indicator that goes from 0 to 10 and it tells you how popular a website is, as defined by Google’s super secret formulae. Having an elevated pagerank does not necessarily mean that you’ll have a better positioning.
  • SERP: This acronym stands for search engine results page.

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