How much do you really need to invest in google advertising?

You have a website, and you know you need to have traffic, but not just any traffic, you need to have the right traffic for what your small, medium or large business offers. This way you can also enlarge the number of contacts and customers. You have heard people talk about advertising online, Google and Facebook, for sure. However, you might still have questions like, how do they work? What advantages can each of them give to my company, and how can they help it grow?

Advertising in traditional media, such as newspapers, television, radio, and magazines, is interruptive, since it consists of a decontextualized advertising message. That is to say, a message that appears at the worst time, as the consumer’s mind is focused on his favorite program.

Fortunately, there has emerged a new type of marketing: advertising on Google.

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What is Google advertising?

Advertising on Google does not seem advertising; it is intelligent; it is not interruptive; it is contextual, as the ad appears at the right time when there is a related search. In other words, your products and services will appear when the consumer’s mind is open to receive that information.

Web Intelligence uses next-generation software (Google Trends, Google Insight for Search, Keywords Tool — Google AdWords and Google Analytics) to determine precisely which are the keywords used by customers when looking for your products and services. Thus, it is possible to implement highly effective advertising campaigns, as these quantitative methodologies allow to carry out an accurate segmentation of the market.

What other advantages does advertising on Google offer?

Your ads will also appear on the network of sites associated with Google, which covers 75% of total users. In this case, your ads will appear on contextual sites; that is to say, sites that are related to your products and services.

Moreover, you can monitor online your campaign development, so it is possible to optimize it at all times regarding modification of keywords, ad content, ad types, hours of operation, investment amounts, geographical targeting, etc.

How much will it cost to advertise on Google?

Just appearing does not cost anything. Google shows your ad for free but it will charge you only when someone clicks on it and goes to your website. In other words, you pay only when a potential customer clicks on your ad and visits your website. Once this happens, you might be achieving high profits from the advertising investment you made since a visit to your website by a regular person means you might have a potential customer for your business.

So, if I a lot of people click on my ad, will I go broke? you might be wondering. The answer is no. When configuring the campaign, you can decide how much you want to spend per day. So your ad is displayed until the clicks reach the daily limit. Then, they will not be shown up until the next day. Additionally, you can pause the campaign at any time. Other important things to bear in mind when setting up the campaign are: what type of devices you want the ads to be displayed on; what time you want them to be displayed and specific geographic place you are aiming at.

Another question that you can ask is, what position will I appear with respect to the other ads? And that depends on how Google classify your ad based on many factors such as how much you offer to pay for the click in comparison to your competitors, or how related the search is to your landing page. Actually, if you are bidding for a word with a lot of competition, and the click is more expensive than what you offer to pay for it, then your ad will not be shown.

Advertising on Google is intended for all types of businesses, of any size and nature and it is characterized by its high flexibility. Therefore, there is no minimum amount to invest.

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The display network is another way to advertise but not in the searches done on Google directly, but using banners on sites associated with Google. These sites are classified by content types according to a fixed classification or according to the words appearing in your texts. The site where your ad is shown and published receives a portion of the profit from Google. They are somehow partners in this type of advertising.

Google also offers advertising videos shown on YouTube and the videos uploaded there.

When can I start advertising on Google?

Right now. Your ads appear on Google immediately. A very important thing to clarify is that making online advertising can make people come to your website and know what you offer. You have to analyze well where and how to advertise and what we will show when the visitor arrives. A common mistake is to send the person who clicks on your ad to the first page of your site and there the user is lost among different options that are presented. What you need to do is a landing page to be displayed according to the search performed to better capture user’s’ attention and have them do what you want.

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