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The Power of Social Recommendations by Dain Binder / CC BY

How many people really look at online reviews?

Today’s economy is rocky, which means people don’t have the dispensable income that they once used to have. This means that people aren’t willing to spend their money just anywhere. They are more cautious as to where they spend their money — and they will research every kind of company to ensure they are going to a good business.

The best way in which people look to see if a company is worthy or not is by researching what reviews online have to say. If you are overwhelmed by the number of review sites where your business is being reviewed, can assist you. You will have access to a reviews dashboard where you will be able to have all of the review sites showing up on a single screen. will tell you that many people are looking at online reviews — and so will your customers. If you don’t look good on the review sites, it will only be a matter of time before your business begins to suffer as a result of it.

Since a large percentage of the population is pulling up online reviews, whether online or on their smart phones, you need to utilize something to stay organized in terms of what the review sites say about you.

You can use the reviews dashboard to make it easier to track what the review sites are saying so you can find out how your business is being presented to consumers.

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