How Local Businesses can Leverage Email in Their Marketing Strategy

Email is often underutilized by small, local businesses despite the fact that it has an impressive ROI — when done well it can be four times more cost-efficient than social media and direct mail. Whether you own or operate a beauty salon, landscaping business, auto repair shop or any other local business, here’s how email can win you new customers and keep them coming back.

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  • Special offers for yearly events: Community festivals, parades and historical anniversaries.
  • Seasonal offers relevant to your local audience.Local gift guides: Consider promoting popular holiday gifts in your local area based on local feedback.
  • Local-centred guides: Landscaping guides can be generically done by anyone, but only a local landscaper knows which plants grow best in the local area. Share those unique local insights specific to your niche.
  • Important local news: Monitor local news and identify relevant connections to your niche that could help your customers. For example, if the local utility rate is going up, a local hardware store might offer energy-saving tips.
  • Ask existing customers for referrals or recommendations in return for a special offer.
  • Send customers gifts on special days, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

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