How Inbound Marketing Can Strengthen the Reputation of Educational Institutions

Competition is getting tougher every year in the education industry, both in the private and public sector. There is also the increasing popularity of MOOCs (massive open online courses) that present even more options to prospective students.

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  • Showcase credibility indicators like accreditations and accolades
  • Have specific numbers and statistics
  • Present testimonials and case studies
  • Have a comprehensive and updated online presence
  • Stay visible and active in communication
  • Use photos when listing staff and faculty members on your website
  • Video and visual content — visual content has one of the higher metrics for user engagement and social sharing.
  • A comprehensive content strategy — use technology and platforms to deliver an optimal user experience.
  • Real-time marketing — tie your content to current events to increase awareness.
  • Mobile-friendliness — the majority of the college-age segment consume content either cross-platform or on mobile only. Make sure your content and online assets are properly optimized.

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