How Important Is The Online Presence For Your Brand’s Reputation?

Online reputation refers to the perception of the company and its products and services online. Here, social networks, in particular, play a crucial role.

The success of a company stands and falls with its online reputation. More people than ever before read online reviews and check the company’s general online presence before making a purchase or even an inquiry. Here online reviews play a major role, especially when comparing products.

Relevance of online ratings and reviews

This means that as soon as many similar products are available on the market, people first look for experience with the product and company before buying. The reputation of the company is one of the most important decision-making factors, because online there are rarely direct discussions with customers and factors such as the location of the company do not play a major role. Thus, mainly on the basis of the online image, the quality and also the seriousness is estimated. For you, this means that the potential customer must also be convinced via the online reputation.

Reputation management is particularly important here, as the digital reputation of your company develops through numerous rating portals, comparison sites and the social media, even without any influence on your part. Therefore, reputation control and steering are extremely important. After all, this is the only way to influence the direction in which the reputation develops and, most importantly, to steer it on the right track.

How exactly can you monitor online reputation?

The first and probably simplest step is analyzing the current online presence of your company/brand, and identifying what is going well for you, and what needs to be improved. In addition, making use of social listening tools such as Google Alerts is the second most important step. For instance, set up an alert for the company and brand name. This way, you will receive emails when you are mentioned in Google. You can look at these mentions and then decide if and how to respond. Besides Google Alert, there are many other tools online that let you know if anyone is talking about your brand.

Manage your business on different directories such as search engines, yellow pages and review sites themselves. This way, you can see what is being said about you here as well, adjust the company information in the best way possible, and intervene when necessary.

Regularly search for hashtags and review content on social media. This way, you can monitor by whom and in what context your company is mentioned and react promptly to it, thus optimizing your social media presence.

And most importantly, integrate online reputation management into your business. Because nowadays, unfortunately, it is no longer enough to set up Google Alerts and search for hashtags from time to time. Especially free alerts have limited functionality and are merely alert systems that inform about a new event. Successful online reputation management benefits from online monitoring tools or monitoring platforms. These can not only track mentions, but also general industry topics, for example. In addition, these tools provide specific information that is relevant to you.

The most important question is with which topics, characteristics and values your own brand is associated. This analysis often provides important new insights. Interesting terms can also be used for marketing strategies in order to unify and strengthen the positive image of the brand.

Above all, it is important to respond to both positive and negative reviews. If you receive positive feedback, share it and thank them. Respond to negative feedback with understanding and offer your help to solve the problem together. This builds trust with your customers. Above all, you should try to solve the problem privately, for example by offering to make a phone call to solve the problem.

It is important to ask your customers if they rate your company and your products online! Because companies without online reviews can also leave negative impressions on potential customers.

So don’t leave your reputation up to chance and take control by getting involved in your online reputation management!

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