How Does Online Reputation Influence Your Brand?

3 min readAug 31, 2021


Nowadays, managing your brand’s online reputation correctly is more important than ever. As you know, today’s customers are very demanding, they are very well informed and, before buying any product or service, they carry out prior research on the web to look for opinions from other users and compare the different options. That is why it is so important to have a good digital identity.

A bad online reputation is very damaging for the brand and, moreover, very difficult to correct. That is why it is much better to focus your efforts on managing the digital reputation crisis in the right way in online marketing.

What is online reputation?

You have probably heard many times how important online reputation is. But are you clear on what it is? It is a concept that is sometimes misunderstood or simplified. It goes far beyond the opinions that your users have about you.

Online reputation is the set of elements that constitute the prestige of a brand on the Internet. These are basically grouped into:

  • Internal factors: these are the digital actions that you carry out from your own brand, such as the creation of content on the website or blog and publications on social networks. Therefore, they depend on you.
  • External factors: these are the opinions that users express in forums and social networks and which, therefore, are beyond your control.

How does online reputation influence your brand?

Your brand’s online reputation is critical to the growth of your business. If it is positive, it leads to consumer loyalty and trust, which in turn leads to increased conversions, after all, your main objective.

Nowadays, competition between brands is very high, so taking care of your online reputation has become a priority. Keep in mind that your brand’s online presence is constant. It is active on social networks, forums and search engines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

One of the keys for this presence to be positive is that your brand has authority. Well, authority is directly related to online reputation. If it is well managed, your website will be a reference in its sector, and will attract a good flow of organic traffic. On the contrary, a bad online reputation will drastically reduce your authority and will result in the loss of customers.

If the website is well positioned in Google results but has negative reviews, many users will not access it. I’m sure you do it yourself. As consumers, we attach a lot of importance to other people’s experiences. The same is true when someone searches for information about a company by typing its name into Google and, in most of the results, critical reviews are displayed.

This obviously has a very negative impact and is a big problem for any brand.

On the contrary, a well-managed online reputation will bring you brand authority and a better search engine ranking, as well as trust from your customers.




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