How does digital marketing work for people who are brands?

Web 1.0 was the first digital mechanism of marketing and it allowed brands to communicate, expose and show to clients the new products, services they offered. The troubles brands found was the impossibility user had to communicate and share their experiences with products or services. Thereafter, social networks emerged and public share among their friends and relatives what they thought about something they had just acquire, they shared photos, videos and comments. As long as social networks became viral, brands felt the necessity of being part of people’s digital experiences and Web 2.0 was created. Different from Web 1.0, Web 2.0 gives users the opportunity to share their experiences through their social network accounts and also users can share videos or images that in Web 1.0 was not possible to do. With Web 2.0, brands and users can have a real and immediate interchange of opinions because all posts are shared immediately and users do not have to wait for a couple of days or even weeks to have an answer.

Although Web 2.0 was designed for brands to be in touch with clients, famous people are using this channels to be in touch with their fans. Important people around the world try to have a closest digital relation with their followers. No matter their occupations, since singers to politicians, they make a real connection with people who want to know everything about them. Therefore, followers do not need to search on internet or magazines what are the new about them.

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Why is Web 2.0 useful for famous people?

The answer is simple, as followers feel they are being taking into account for the person they care about, followers will pay attention to the publicity they have on their web pages. For example, Maria Sharapova is a tennis player and she is also the sportswoman most searched on internet. In her official web site for example, fans comment all posts she makes and if she is using a new dress for a competition, fans will realized about this and immediately comment it too through the social networks that are linked with the official web site. In other words, this mechanism allows famous people to be in touch with their fans and also to make publicity about any product or about sponsors they have.

How do famous people use Web 2.0?

Before say anything, it is important to clarify these people are not in charge of the organization of their official web sites, there are people who are specialists in social medias and communication. What these professionals do is organize websites in order to make them more attractive and easier to understand for the fans. Then, they actualize as often as news are and link the news posts with the social medias such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (there are much more social networks but these three are the most popular around the world) and then fans have the possibility to comment or even add information about every new post.

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Do they receive a pay for having visits on their web pages?

Off course they are payed. Searches such as Yahoo or Google establish the amount each web site receives per each visit. The price depends on the relevance and the frequency of search. Popular singers as Rihanna, Madonna, Ariana Grande, receive more money because they are tendency. In contrast, independent singers or artist or just people who are not that famous, they have a lower payment. Besides this payment, they also receive and extra money for the sponsors, in the case of famous athletes for example, they have direct links that connect visitors with official pages of their sponsors.

What kind of information do they share on their websites?

It depends on the field of each person. Usually they post their latest news about themselves but as followers want to be more and more informed about these people, their posts recently have to deal with their personal live. A good example is Oprah Winfrey who once posted her personal point of view about a product that she considered was useful to weight loss and after a few time, the actions of the brand value built-up. They are aware their posts are stronger than news because fans appreciate posts more than news. Why do fans appreciate more posts on the official websites than news? Because for them, information comes from the primary source and as videos or posts are addressed in a familiar language, they are easier to understand and pretty much more reliable.

To sum up, news technologies bring new ways of communication and fans now feel they are closer to celebrities. On the other hand, celebrities receive updates in real time about perception fans have about them while they take advantage of these sources to promote their names as brands do.

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