How Digital Marketing is Becoming Part of the Gaming World?

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Digital marketing has expanded so much over the years, and the gaming industry is not the exception. In the last couple of years, digital ad spending has even grown in the double-digits and gaming, be it in social, mobile, console or PC, is catching on to the trend. By 2018 the media and entertainment industry will have spent an estimated $8.54 billion, increasing from $5.15 billion that is being spent on digital ads at the moment. Almost in tandem the increase of sales in the gaming industry has been exponential and seems to even be beating out all of the other media and entertainment industry at times. In 2013 at least 305 million active gamers were registered in the Americas, and this is about 58% of all of the Internet users. Every year, a large percentage of Internet users are becoming gamers and not only in the states, but around the world. The market for gaming is growing so much that it will definitely be important for digital marketers to analyze how they will take part in this business and which platforms they will allocate their budgets to.

Some things to consider when diving into the digital marketing in gaming era are where and how fast the gaming industry is growing. Indonesia, followed by Middle East and North Africa, are the fastest growing territories in this sector. Although the mobile gaming industry is definitely growing, desktops are still stealing approximately 63% of the digital ad spending in the United States. The amount of gamers is expected to keep growing, especially with the large amount of mobile phone gamers that are making an appearance. Out of the four types of gamers, including online casual, online console, social and mobile phone, the latter is the one that is thought to increase in the most in the coming years. Many of the current gamers are actually in the age range of 36 years old and older with 36%, whereas the under 18-year-old category and the 18 to 35-year-old category each have 32%. This will be essential to ensure that any digital marketing done through games is segmented depending on the age group. Another big category to consider when targeting digital ads is gender. Female gamers as quickly catching up to male gamers who still hold an advantage with 55% of the gaming community. It is important to point out that women older than 18 years of age represent a greater portion of the gaming community than boys 17 or younger, with 31%. Ads will also be influenced by the type of device the gamer is using, so considering that 53% of users play on their laptops, 30% on their phones, 15% on tablets and 9% on desktops. This will lead more and more advertising agencies to design custom-made campaigns for each device. All of these trends will leads ads to shift from printed to digital more and more everyday, especially through social media. You can always get more tips on how to make your digital marketing look more attractive in the Reputation Defender post on “7 powerful tips for attractive digital marketing”.

Call of Duty

This franchise has captured their fans attention not only with their amazing games, but with the trailers to each of their new installments. In their last installment, “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”, they went all out and hired action film director Peter Berg. They set the bar for others that launch their video games. They were extremely careful to not include any material that gamers cannot actually find in the game, just to make sure that expectations were met when fans played.

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Heroes Charge

This is a good example of a mobile game that got some major marketing push at the Super Bowl. Their more than 10 million fan base convinced them to take on a 15-second spot during the big game. More than trying to gain more audience, it was about getting their current fans to take the game to the next level.

Sony PS4

Sony consoles have been around for a while, and marketers took advantage of that when they launched their new PS4. In their new campaign they took new and old fans through a nostalgic and hypnotic walk down memory lane, reminding fans why they owned a Sony console in the first place and why they should buy a new one.

Click to see the video “ For The Players Since 1995

All of the above mentioned marketing campaigns were done via social media, YouTube and other online digital media that allowed their fan base and other internet users to either get to know their game or fall in love with it all over again. Digital marketing is only going to become a bigger part of the marketing world, and as the gaming industry moves more towards online gaming and mobile devices the more important digital marketing will become. Social networks will be a big place to easily segment your market and cater ads to every target group through sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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