How Customer Loyalty and Retention Rate are affected by Reputation Management

Reputation management is not only a way to contain negative headlines from spreading, but will also positively influence your brand image. One of the beneficial consequences of a good reputation management and digital marketing strategy is that customer loyalty and retention can be improved.

Reputation management and digital marketing can improve your customer retention rate. There a lot of things a business can do to promote loyalty and as a result retain more customers. A loyal customer can be 10 times more valuable than their first purchase. Two highly effective channels to keep your customer happy and engaged are social media and e-mail.

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Social Media

When you consider social platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, it’s important to stay active and encourage engagement from your audience. This will create a sense of community among the followers and loyalty points will start building up. Loyal customers will always be there to share a positive opinion about your business and will be vocal when someone shares a negative review.

To that end, try to respond to every positive and negative feedback and attend to any customer requests; organize interactive polls; offer informative blog posts and fresh visual content. Moreover, don’t be afraid to let your dedicated customers see how your business works behind the scenes. Sharing insights and stories will strengthen the relationship of your brand with your customers.

Social media platforms can also be used as a paid advertising distribution channel. These typically have great tools for targeting a specific demographic, which makes it easy to narrow your audience and focus your marketing efforts. This also plays out well with customers that have already shown some interest in your brand, which is called a re-marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a wonderful tool for retaining customers and building a positive reputation management. Contacting your past customers from time to time with valuable content or interesting deals can be a great way to be present at the top of their list, when the need arises for your product.

Email marketing also shows that your business did not forget about their customers and is looking for longer term collaboration. This kind of messages should not be formulated as sales pitches. More than anything it should highlight your desire to give the customer something valuable back, as an appreciation for his previous purchase. When the customer feels like he is valued, he will return whenever he will be looking for a repeated purchase.

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