How Can Software Companies Leverage Their Product Development for Content Marketing

What is typical of software and tech companies is that they are constantly developing, optimizing and releasing new product features. This represents a unique opportunity to use it to their advantage in their quest for better content and improved SEO.

Content like articles and blog posts can be written to announce, highlight or unveil new features. All these combined with your other content can become instrumental in improving your search rankings.

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These articles and videos will serve as a resource of record for these new features and are will become content that is discoverable by search engines well beyond the actual announcement. Feature announcement articles and posts typically take one of the two following forms:

Product Release Notes

With established products, an article providing release notes is a good tool to introduce new features. Also known as feature rollups, product release notes offer users all-inclusive accounts of new features and product updates.

This is a source of information for prospects that is served in an easy-to-digest format. Beware of using too much technical jargon, as customers might be unfamiliar with terms your team might be using.

With a strong user base, your release notes will be receiving a lot of links from professionals that use your product or feature in their own domain. This will build a rich backlink profile, placing your website at the top of the authority site lists.

Product Feature Updates

A new feature is a great opportunity to go into a detailed description of the product and push the brand-building story behind the new feature.

Every new feature announcement is a way for extending your brand awareness. However be mindful of the pitfall of exaggerating or hyper inflating your claims — make sure to always highlight the benefits for the user.

Software Feature Videos

Besides using written content, new features can be showcased via visual content as well. Videos and animated gifs have a great effect on a viewer’s attention.

This approach makes it significantly more comprehensible for a visitor to understand how the new feature works. Moreover, potential buyers get a look under the hood which most prospective software buyers want before they sign up.

Another beneficial side-effect is that visual content can be easily distributed across several social platforms, improving the SEO score for your website.

Software Roadmap

Software roadmaps are often used internally and can be a great tool to optimize for search rankings. This is a summary of your upcoming product updates and development plans.

When done right, this is not only a page that provides linking across your pages and a summarized view of your products, but will also attract backlinks as people discuss your product.

The articles and videos can always be re-purposed and showcased on the company website, blog, and social media channels to increase the number of backlinks you get from these new product announcements, therefore boosting your overall SEO rankings.

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