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Be inspired by the best of the best in digital marketing industry by keeping up to date with the awards ceremonies and the winners in each category. Each one celebrates and brings together different talented and creative designers, marketing gurus and companies. So, the next time you’re in need of inspiration, why not go to source of the different companies and individuals that have successfully created and implemented marketing strategies for their clients. You’ll find everything from social media campaigns, video content and branded content. In each one of these digital awards you can find a list of content, not only from winners, but also from nominees.

By exalting the best creative, innovative and exceptional work in the marketing industry, this actually turns into a year-long event while the winners are given the opportunity to share their ideas with other people who crave inspiration. This awards ceremony is set up during the Festival of Marketing. The brave and courageous are the ones who shine in these awards, as they push forward with no regards to the boundaries and the status quo. During the Festival you can visit the 12 stages, the Festival Village, the Headline Stage, The Masters Gallery, and the After-Party. This year’s Festival of Marketing will be held in London on October 5th and 6th.

Digital marketing has invaded all the largest social networks, especially Facebook. Creative professionals analyze the different campaigns and award those who have inspired, changed the industry or simply changed the way content publishing is approached. To enter the submission should present an innovative Facebook-centered campaign, specify how the Facebook marketing tools were used to target audiences or to integrate other media. You should include metrics that demonstrate who the campaign was successful. A good example of previous winners was The ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge, that through Facebook took by storm the network with videos of people participating in the challenge.

Focusing on the brilliance, creativity and innovation on the Internet. Since 1996, The Webbys are organized by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, which has a judging body of over 1,000 people. Made up of web experts, business figures, executive members, creative celebrities, and associate members, all of whom have been either nominated or have won a Webby in previous editions. There are many categories but it honors excellence in five media types, that at the same time demonstrate just how much the internet has grown: Advertising and Media, Online Film & Video, Websites, Mobile Sites & Apps and Social. Considered to be the Internet’s highest honor by The New York Times. This year in its 20th edition, and it actually passed just last week on May 16th. They even had a 5-word speech challenge that brought the simplest, most absurd, funny and revealing speeches ever.

Marketing, advertising and social find its place in the Mashies every year bringing to center stage the most outstanding talent in these areas. The winners are selected by the editorial team of Mashable and a panel of industry leaders. Just to mention a few of its categories, you’ll find video short-form (15 seconds) and long-form (30 seconds), branded video within Facebook, live-streaming, as well as the best of the best in the social networks. This year’s submissions deadline will be until June 17th, and you can also apply as a judge or as a sponsor.

Since 2004, these awards have honored the nest interactive marketing strategies online. Again another big winner here was The ALS Association for The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This year there were many categories like branded content, social, B2B, mobile, direct response and lead generation. The IAB or Interactive Advertising Bureau is made up of more than 650 leading media and technology companies. These organizations are the ones that sell, optimize and deliver digital advertising or marketing campaigns. You can also still participate in this one until June 24th. The judging is divided into two phases and then the finalists are notified around mid-August.

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By going through 96 industries and 9 online formats they are able to highlight the best online advertising out there. The formats include video, mobile, newsletter, email, online ad and social media. The WMA, or Web Marketing Association, are the creators of the IAC Awards with the intention of sharing the best and innovative marketing, advertising and public-relations and design strategies and campaigns on the internet. Since 1999, it’s been giving bragging rights to the best out there. It also has other awards which are specific to mobile websites and apps, and another on that only awards websites. You can still enter and have the opportunity to get their shiny trophy and all of the recognition that comes along with it.

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