Four Tips To Improve The Online Reputation Of Your Brand

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3 min readDec 13, 2021

Many companies, especially the smaller startups, have invested in courses and training aimed at complementing the formal education that their employees and managers acquired during their college years.

This is because, as the technological development has enabled access to the internet to an increasingly wide audience, the behaviour and the way these people interact with brands and products has also undergone major changes.

Therefore, companies need to keep an eye on all these changes in the market, ensuring that their employees are familiar with the new techniques available for improving their brand’s reputation online.

4 steps to make these changes possible

Although many entrepreneurs understand the importance of consolidating an online brand and which are the main tools to do so, introducing these actions in the organization’s daily routine may seem like a very challenging task.

Therefore, we have separated 4 steps that can help bring your business closer to consumers and ensure the construction of a more stable, profitable company with a more satisfactory reputation.

Encourage positive criticism

Almost everyone access to digital platforms through mobile phones or computers. This means that there are millions active accounts in social networks throughout the world. And, as previously mentioned, these people tend to use these sites and tools as a means to discover new brands and products.

Thus, investing in the incentive of positive reviews and comments, from satisfied customers, is one of the best ways to promote the construction of a more positive and advantageous public opinion.

Monitor comments and respond to complaints

The larger the number of customers and the popularity of the company, the harder it can be to keep up with all the engagement that organisation has on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, this action is crucial for crisis maintenance and control.

But more than just tracking these interactions, you need to be directly involved with both positive messages and negative feedback.

This is because your response not only helps to solve problems — which tends to reduce the impact of these comments — but also demonstrates an interest and concern for consumers.

Thus, the speed with which criticism is resolved regarding the quality of the product, failures in the operation of online course platforms is crucial to the impacts that will be attributed to the reputation of the institution.

Pay attention to industry news and customer needs

The change of the most talked about topics and, consequently, the main needs of customers and the market happens at an enormous speed in digital environments.

Therefore, it is very important that your company is familiar with platforms such as Google Trends. These tools help you identify the most popular topics in your industry, allowing you to create content that is more targeted to your customers’ needs. This improves the relevance of the company and helps attract new leads.

So that strategies are created that provide this improvement of the external perception about the organizational values and objectives.



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