Five Tips To Improve Your Company’s Reputation On The Internet

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3 min readDec 24, 2021

In times of social networks and high public opinion, the concern with the image and reputation of a company/ brand has never been as important as it is today. The marketing and communication efforts are there to prove that building a good reputation is the best way to consolidate in the market.

It is not for nothing that advertising and publicity exist, because generating a good image is one of the objectives, if not the biggest purpose of the advertising area as a whole.

In this post we have elaborated some basic information on how you can improve the image and maintain the positive reputation of your brand or company. Check it out!

Reputation as a sales tool

The Internet has expanded the voice of consumers, especially with the emergence of social media, because any slip can become viral on the profiles of angry customers.

Many users research the reputation of certain companies before buying their products or hiring their services. Therefore, it may not seem it, but a bad reputation significantly impacts the sales of a company and depending on the case, can be the pivot of its total bankruptcy.

Therefore, the reputation of a company is closely linked to its success in the market. However, a failure not corrected in time may be enough to destroy the whole image created with hard work.

What to do to improve your company’s reputation on the Internet

1. Have a registered domain

Making a good impression is the first step to generate a good image. And when starting with a company’s digital channels, such as websites and blogs, domain registration is very important.

Besides generating more credibility, a domain name helps preserve the identity and recognition of a brand.

Therefore, online reputation starts with your domain name, because it may not seem like it, but the most updated and informed customers give a lot of importance to this factor.

2. Value quality customer service

The quality of service is another important issue, both online and offline, because it is the thermometer that many consumers use to assess the reputation of a company.

Therefore, be courteous to the consumer in all channels and always try to solve negative or unpleasant situations before it becomes out of control.

Keep in mind that a poorly served customer will advertise negatively to as many people as possible. And this is very bad for your company’s reputation.

3. Be transparent

If there has been any unpleasant or unusual situation, be as transparent as possible and show the public all the details of what happened.

Transparency in actions shows that the company is proactive and tries to solve customer problems. And depending, this can further improve reputation.

On the other hand, omitting information or being negligent worsens the reputation, because the viralization of certain negative situations can gain proportions that are beyond the company’s control.

4. Have a plan to manage crises

Do not wait for an image and reputation crisis to know the power it has on popular opinion. A badly solved issue or situation may generate negative buzz for a long time.

Because of this, it is important to have a crisis management plan that will serve as a map to deal with typical or unusual situations.

Therefore, think about the possible problems that may occur in relation to the company’s performance and mainly about the solutions and actions that will be taken. It may not seem like it, but one day it will happen!

5. Be careful with social networks

When talking about online reputation, there is no way not to mention social networks, because generally these are the channels where image and reputation crises are disseminated.

We often see several cases of companies and brands that have become the target of public opinion. This happens because of some of their actions or positions regarding different social issues.

Therefore, have a well-structured plan to act in each of these media. The tip is to always avoid dealing with topics that are not related to the company or avoid controversial issues.

Online reputation is something that should always be taken into account, especially nowadays when information is disseminated at the speed of a click. It may not seem like it, but sometimes a comment on a social network is enough to trigger a series of problems for a brand’s image.



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