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Digital marketing has truly evolved and only continues to advance as new tendencies and behaviors surge from our customers and users. By following their trends and understanding their needs there are discoveries as to how to apply to assure the optimum customer experience and how to engage new ones. One of the trends in digital marketing and e-commerce is micro-moments. Micro-moments are the window of opportunity when someone is searching for something that is on their mind and is a spur of the moment search. In these moments customers will normally show more than you would expect in terms of behavior and interests. In essence, these moments will give the companies interested in selling an inside view of what the consumer wants to learn, buy, now or do. This is actually key to motivating customers to take their next steps and make decisions.

In reality, most people will use this opportunity to find out as much as possible. Instead of having to head over to the physical location where the business is, they will look for an easy to contact business with a mobile friendly user experience. This means they will most likely find a chat or Skype call in the moment that will solve any questions they may have. This means that those interested in digital retail and e-commerce have to get on board and quickly, especially with 41 percent of consumers constantly and on multiple occasions checking their phones within the hour. Americans can spend up to 4.7 hours on their smartphone checking email, social media, looking up information for restaurants or shops in the vicinity. These are just some of the reasons why organizations should start looking beyond demographics since they will be missing out on all of these opportunities. By learning from and adapting to these new changes your organization can keep up and take part in capturing new consumers attention in these micro-moments.

First off you have to know which micro-moments work for you. Why, where and how people search for information relevant to your business, product or service. Moreover, what happens in those moments will be key to determining your consumers state of mind and needs. This way what you’re actually doing is understanding their goals and aspirations, the reasons behind why they are looking for that particular information. By looking at search insights with companies like Google, you can find out patterns of intent and new trends everyday. By understanding this information, you can address anything that you may be overlooking. To really take advantage of micro-moments you have to analyze the moment in which the search takes place, the behaviors and expectations behind the search.

Once you have this information, you’ll need to start a complete assessment of your social media efforts to make sure you’re in the right places with the right information. Making sure the information is in the correct context and that these can be viewed on a mobile device will lead you to understanding the best ways your consumers can discover and/or consume what you have to offer. You just have to make sure you are focusing your campaigns for the right device, at the right time and you’ll reach your end consumer every time.

You should always continue exploring and discovering new ways to surprise your future consumers by keeping them engaged. Use technology and content to ensure that your consumers are always interested and this way you can guide them on their decision making process. This journey will not only empower your consumers with information and help them make decisions, but also your marketing teams while they put to the test new approaches and methodologies.

Consumer behavior is being changed drastically by technology and the more organizations trying to say something, or sell something realize that the battler over their consumers is won in those micro-moments. So the more we understand as a whole what micro-moments mean to organizations and what we can do about how consumers perceive the micro-moments we offer them, the better.

When looking at the different trends of the digital marketing era, it is important to stay focused and realize that the more you concentrate on creating moments with your consumer where you can truly connect with them and have them engage, the more meaningful your relationship will be. Micro-moments offer a new consumer experience that if done right will demonstrate to be effective for brand positioning and online reputation. Now, there are other trends that are making a stand in 2016 like location-based marketing and on-site personalization. Location-based marketing consists on giving information at the right moment depending on a person’s location. It will send push notifications and other useful information that can make mobile commerce even stronger. Through on-site personalization more consumers are finding exactly what they need, when companies tailor make their experience based on previous activity, searches and purchases.

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