Exemplifying Successful Content Marketing Strategies

Research studies have already shown that companies can benefit from effective content marketing. Looking at some results from a Content Marketing Institute study you can see that:

  • Content marketing can generate up to more leads than outbound advertising and involves a lower budget
  • Conversions increase on average by 6 when content marketing is implemented
  • Traffic is up to 8 times higher with a content marketing strategy
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Obviously, these numbers reflect averages and some excel at it, while others might be underperforming. The most successful companies deploying content marketing always push the boundaries of creativity and execute their strategies by the book.

Below you can find 3 popular brands that used content marketing to their advantage and took a pro-active approach to achieve better results than their competition.


Lenovo, which sells computer technology, has created TechRevolution — a digital content hub in the Asia-Pacific region. TechRevolution feeds content to IT decision makers in small and medium businesses in the region. Lenovo accurately identified their target market and appealed to their needs. They provide relevant content which then turns visitors into marketing leads.

The strategy’s purpose was to build awareness and trust, while helping their audience make better purchasing decisions. This translated into educational and helpful content offered via multiple channels. The strategy proved to be successful with the site establishing a reputation for thought leadership in the industry.


Hubspot’s target market is small business, as they offer inbound marketing software solutions. Having identified that their audience might be lacking knowledge of the intricacies of inbound marketing, the company has set out to educate their audience.

Hubspot’s informative content teaches beginners the basics of social media and email marketing, along with SEO and PPC. The content comes in the form of blogs, case studies and helpful guides. This type of content has had a trust-building effect and has elevated the company’s revenues of $255,000 in 2007 to a $375 million in 2017.


Salesforce is among the leaders in the industry of CRM solutions. In the UK however, they did have to contest their position with their fierce competition, which was ahead in terms of website traffic and lead generation.

In this situation Salesforce used content marketing to capture more attention from their audience via entertaining posts. They distributed fun videos that were related to CRM to pique their followers’ curiosity and incite engagement from them. Along with intriguing content, the company provided relevant information as well — like SlideShare's and E-Books. The results were dramatic; including an 80% increase in web traffic and 10,000 downloads of their customized eBook.

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