Essential Steps for a Hotel to Better Manage Their Online Reputation

With the recent development of social platforms on the internet, online reputation management for hotels has become a centrepiece of their online marketing strategy. The online presence of hotels has become the measurement for guest satisfaction, attracting more bookings and identifying improvement potential.

A survey done by TripAdvisor between 10,000 hospitality businesses worldwide identified that online reputation management is at the top of the list for investment priorities.

Here are essential steps to managing your hotel’s online reputation:

Understand Online Reputation Management

Reputation management is comprised of a series of processes of monitoring, managing and responding on feedback that comes in the form of online reviews most of the time. The goal is to build a positive image in order to improve awareness, guest satisfaction and revenue. Most of the people planning to travel will be checking the reputation of a hotel online.

Be clear about your vision of what you would like your guests to say about your hotel. Then find actionable steps to guarantee a positive experience to your guests. Look at the rating and rankings of your business on major review sites and set your objective and the path you have to take to get there.

Take a Team Approach

It is important to share your vision with your staff. Everyone has to be on the same page and each one of them should know their objectives. Ensure that they understand the role in fulfilling the overall vision of the company.

Your online reputation forms when the guests are on your property. Create a social media policy and guidelines to ensure your employees understand the risks of mistreating customers. Keep a proactive process of training the staff into a mindset of exceeding customer expectations and prevent conflicts from transitioning from the offline to online complaints.

Use Reputation Management to Improve Your Team

Any feedback received from guests should be shared with the staff and used as a learning tool. Analyse procedures and identify actions necessary to solve problems, to prevent further complaints from resurfacing.

Similarly encourage your employees when reputation objectives are met. Reward and incentivize your staff accordingly. This will enable a positive feedback loop for your staff that will translate into more positive reviews from your guests.

These online reputation management steps might take a while to reap you benefits, but will ensure a positive image and profitable outlook for your hotel in the long run.

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