Digital Tools: A Necessity in Today’s Society

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In these times of digitization, it is essential to transfer business and work processes to the Web, thereby meeting people’s desire for greater organization and flexibility. Whether at work, at school or even in everyday life — digital tools can be found everywhere these days.

What are digital tools?

Digital tools are basically nothing more than tools that are used to improve collaboration and various business processes — digitally, of course. Such tools are simply various programs and applications on the computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that improve the workflow.

There are many different digital tools, for example, to improve communication among colleagues and with business partners, to structure the daily work routine with different programs, and such tools are even used in schools today — given the current times we all live in. Above all, digital tools can:

  • Improve team communication and collaboration;

There are, so to speak, different tools for each area in companies or in everyday life, which are becoming increasingly important in times of digitalization and the like. Installed as an app or program on your smartphone or laptop, you can now access your data from anywhere and flexibly perform your work — no matter where you are. Even for learning, there are now digital tools that manage websites, articles or literature for you, so you can access them easily.

In theory, you can use different tools for all your tasks, but there are also complete solutions for the digital workplace such as Microsoft Office 365 — that allows you to work from any location and also collaborate on different projects to improve the workflow.

What do I need to consider when choosing digital tools?

In order to ultimately select the right tool(s) for you or the company, there are four criteria that should be met.

1. Mobile usability

Of course, digital tools do not add value if they can only be installed and used on one computer. In the best case, the programs should ideally be available as apps for smartphones, tablets and the like, and access should be possible from anywhere.

2. Cost

Many digital tools or complete toolboxes are nowadays even available for free or for comparatively little money. The times when you had to pay a lot of money for such applications and programs are now also over with increasing digitalization.

If you use the programs alone, you should of course rather fall back on the free services and test a little bit until you find the right one for you. Often there are also free trial months in which you can put the application through its paces. But even large companies can get good digital tools for little money.

3. User Friendliness

The usability of such tools also plays an important role. What good is a digital tool that resembles a jungle and with which no one can really find their way around? Even then, the purpose of digital tools is not necessarily fulfilled. A structured and simple user interface that leads to the goal with just a few clicks is important to ensure the efficiency of work processes, and also make this tool accessible to everyone.

4. Cloud-based

The fact that the applications are cloud-based is particularly important for small businesses and self-employed persons. This means that the applications run via the providers’ servers, which saves costs on the one hand and does not require IT skills to use such programs on the other.

However, large corporations or companies that mainly work with sensitive data should choose tools that can be covered by their own IT infrastructure. Although the data is in good hands with the providers of the digital tools, highly sensitive content should rather be stored on their own servers.

Digital tools not only simplify your daily work, but can also structure your day. Especially in times of digitalization such digital tools have become indispensable. Constantly on the move and often stressed out, applications such as to-do lists, appointment calendars and communication services are enormously important and meet the needs of an ever-changing society that relies on progress and technology.

Choosing the right tools and applying them correctly is essential to really benefit from such tools, either alone or in a team. In order for the tools to serve their purpose, they should be clearly structured, user-friendly and mobile.

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