Dealing with Negative Reviews on the Amazon Seller Platform

On the Amazon platform, customers have the option to modify or delete their own review. Therefore sellers’ best opportunity to turn a negative review around is by communicating with their customers. Oftentimes clients can leave an overly negative feedback in the heat of the moment. However if the seller is responsive and can address all of customer’s complaints, then there is a high probability the reviewer will change his mind about the feedback.

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  • The review is clearly exaggerated or obviously false
  • The reason for the complaint has been addressed to customer’s satisfaction
  • Do not offer compensation or any other financial compensation in exchange for review removal. First address the customer’s complaint, and then enquire about the negative review.
  • Always keep a friendly and non-offensive tone through the whole process
  1. You find your reviews under “Your Profile” > “Reviews”
  2. Click on the review we contacted you about
  3. Select “Edit” or “Delete” Review

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