Content Marketing is a Powerful Tool for Insurance Agencies

A comprehensive marketing plan for an insurance company is comprised of several types of content and strategies. From social media marketing to blogging on insurance-related websites; email marketing and article publishing — insurance companies and agents will want to leverage all the tools to achieve a high impact with their marketing efforts. Content marketing can be a powerful tool for insurance companies, since insurance in general is a complex field where consumers still have a knowledge gap. By offering relevant and educational content, you have an opportunity to attract prospects.

When it comes to content marketing for your insurance agency, take into consideration these tips for better results.

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Content Ideation

Information about things that impact a high number of people is always in demand. In the insurance industry you could write about Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) when there are any updates or there is a big controversy in the news. Similarly write about CSA rulings, OSHA updates or major cyber breaches during the year. This is relevant and informative content for your audience.

When you look for ideas to create content, always think what your audience’s most frequent concerns are. What kind of information will they be looking for when deciding on an insurance policy or when they have questions about insurance products? The content you provide should address their needs.

Content Delivery

Know your audience — if you are targeting commercial markets, then a business-oriented style of writing is ideal. However if you are trying to appeal directly to end users, first and foremost the content you provide should be clearly laid out. There are many terms and insurance jargon that could confuse your readers. Don’t over-extend — use bullets when possible and get to the point quickly!

The quality of your content will also give a signal to your audience that you are an expert in the field. Especially in industries like insurance, people look at domain expertise as one of the major deciding factors when choosing an insurance partner. Further, share information in such a way as to convey your industry expertise without “selling”. Show that you are in tune with your industry and care about your followers’ well-being. This will elevate the conversation and help establish your on-line rapport.

Industries like insurance are complex in their nature, therefore try and diversify your content type by using images, videos or infographics. These typically convey a lot of information in a non-invasive way — walls of text usually turn readers off.

Compelling and educational digital content can have a great effect on achieving marketing goals for insurance companies, brokers and agents.

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