Content Marketing Ideas for Financial Services and Advisors

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Content marketing sits at the heart of modern marketing. It is much more than just catchy taglines or ads in the press. The purpose of content marketing is to educate customers, improve communication and connect with them. This generally takes different forms including:

  • Blogging

This type of content provides customers with resources and a deeper understanding of your product or service and how it addresses a potential problem in their life or business. As a financial advisor you might think that content marketing is out of your reach, but content marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some ideas financial advisors can use for content marketing.

Use Your Expertise

It’s likely you already have a lot of answers to your customers’ financial questions. It’s also likely that you received the same questions from people repeatedly. Start off by creating content around these questions. You can have this as an FAQ page on your website or send it out to new and prospective customers through emails. Simply by using your expertise, you can establish your credibility and entice customers into using your services.

Collaborate for Content

If you lack the time or doubt your ability to create financial planning content, you can make it a team effort. Content for financial advisors like blogs, white papers, and other pieces, can be created more effectively with the help of a freelancer or marketing agency. Work with them to create solid content pieces that leverage your expertise and their writing skills. In addition to that, when you collaborate with other people, you grow your network, which can help you extend the reach of your content.

Alternative Forms of Content

Content can come in different forms and can be almost anything that’s informational, relevant, and engaging. If the idea of writing blog posts is too daunting, you can also host a financial podcast or do a video FAQ series. Content marketing isn’t limited to written content, so when it comes to financial advisor marketing ideas, there are plenty of possibilities.

Curate Content

Your content does not necessarily need to come directly from you. You can also gather quality content from other sources and deliver it as part of your content marketing strategy. Utilize your expertise to find quality financial services blogs and highlight these on your own social media for example. This can help you grow your network of financial content providers while providing a helpful resource to your followers.

Establishing yourself in the market as a new business can be difficult, and planning your financial advisor marketing strategies can feel overwhelming. Make sure to include content into your strategies, especially if you are a new financial advisor or financial services business. It’s a great way to build a presence and connect with customers, instantly highlighting how useful your services could be.

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