Content Marketing for Mortgage Brokers and Businesses

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2 min readJun 3, 2019


Content marketing is a great strategy for a wide variety of businesses, and has its particular benefit for the mortgage industry as well. Content is a powerful way to build trust with prospects and sidestep the false promises that can damage the reputation of a mortgage business.

Mortgage content marketing means you create and distribute relevant content to an audience looking for a lender they can connect with.

In order to drive commercial mortgage leads, brokers need to win the trust of potential borrowers. A great way to establish your credibility and expertise is through content marketing.

This is a form of marketing that doesn’t directly promote the brand, but relies on offering valuable information to build a relationship between you and a potential customer. Relevant content will drive prospective borrowers to your social media channels and your website, helping to establish a more robust pipeline.

Consistently delivered content teaches your prospects something new and useful without trying to force a sale.

Here’s how to go about creating content for commercial mortgage brokers:

Utilize industry news: As a commercial mortgage broker, borrowers are looking for someone with experience and who understands the industry well. Sharing helpful news articles is one easy way to show that you are up to date and know well the business. Furthermore, you can write blog posts where you discuss and comment on industry news and how it will affect borrowers. This is relevant and extremely helpful to someone looking for mortgages or loans.

Create evergreen content: Using the latest industry news is great for content marketing, but you should also create content that doesn’t become outdated. How-to blogs or videos about applying for commercial mortgages, or pieces about what to expect throughout the lending process, are great topics that stay relevant.

Focus on your audience: When creating content, think about your ideal prospective borrowers. Try to find questions prospects often have and create a learning resource for them. What information do they need to make a decision? What are the common questions they have? Let the answers to these questions shape your content.

Keep it simple: You are the commercial mortgage expert and it’s your job to make the topic easy to understand. Don’t use too much industry jargon, and when you have to use it, explain it clearly.

Relevant and valuable information on your website and social channels will attract borrowers and build your credibility. You position yourself as an expert in the industry letting borrowers know they can trust you. Using the above tips to create content will allow you to build on that trust, get more leads and contract more loans.



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