Common Mistakes Related to Your Website That Should Be Avoided

A strong presence in the digital world can be achieved when a mix of things work well creating a synergy between them. SEO, social media marketing and online advertising are essential parts of a strong online presence. However your business card online is your website.

Having a website with poor design will decimate the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. Failing to capture the attention of incoming visitors will harm your online reputation and negatively impact your sales potential.

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Here we will look at common mistakes related to websites that can lead to undesirable results for your profitability.

Mobile Optimization

Website optimization for mobile devices has become number one cause for poor SEO results of any business. Nowadays over 50% of online traffic is through mobile. Search engines like Google know this and have clearly stated that websites that have a mobile version will take precedence over the rest. This would be one of the gravest mistakes for any website and should immediately be dealt with, in order to maximize your lead generating potential.

Slow Loading Speeds

Probably most of us don’t like to wait too long for website to load. It is widely known that loading speed of a website will be a big factor in your online presence optimization. A survey of around 1,048 online shoppers revealed that nearly 47 percent of online users will wait no more than two seconds for a page to load.

Leaving your users waiting will most certainly lead to them hitting the back button and trying another site. Therefore, avoid making this mistake and optimize your site for faster load times. This will depend on your web hosting and the size of your images or other content hosted on the website.

Font Size is Difficult to Read

Since users come to your website for your content, having it written in a too small or too big a size will create discomfort. No one wants to squint or constantly zoom in or out to view the content.

Keep your writing’s font at acceptable levels, usually between 12 and 14 for your content and 20–32 for headlines. Also, sans-serif typeface is the most reader-friendly font type across multiple devices. Consult with a designer that can help you choose the right typeface and font size for your website.

Missing Headlines

Very often website owners omit inserting headlines in their content like articles or blog posts. Headlines introduce a sense of structure into your content. This helps grab the attention of your readers. Many visitors might turn away from seeing a lump of text presented to them. So improve the readability of your website to have a higher conversion rate for your traffic.

Header one (H1) and header two (H2) headings are important as they help rank your website in search results. Headings enable search engine bots to determine relevant keywords for a site. Your website will be difficult to categorize without headers and might have poor results in search rankings.

Avoid these common mistakes that negatively affect your website’s performance, especially when your website is the final step in your sales funnel.

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