Brand Repositioning As a Necessary Process to Maintain Profitability

Rebranding is a process that involves changing a brand’s identity. This generally means changing most or all of the brand identity elements such as the name, logo, colours, type font and tagline among others. The process of changing the brand identity might also entail repositioning the brand.

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  • Market repositioning: While the product stays unchanged, the efforts go into creating demand in a new market segment.
  • Product repositioning: In this case the product is fundamentally changed or some of its features are tweaked and served to the target market.
  • Complete repositioning: This alternative involves an overhaul of target market and the product specifications.
  • Your products and services have evolved. Over the years, you may have begun adding new products and services or you may have changed the products and services that you’ve offered.
  • Your competitors are offering better value. New competitors are going to pop up every year. At some point, you may notice that they are offering better value propositions than you. You may need to change your value proposition to avoid losing customers.
  • Your sales are trending downwards. One of the most obvious reasons to consider repositioning your brand is if your sales are trending downwards. At this point, a change has to be made to prevent the trend from continuing.

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