Brand Monitoring: The Best Way To Manage Your Online Reputation

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3 min readOct 15, 2021


Most consumers before making a decision conduct online research to find out if a company is worth buying from. Studies have shown that 92% of users search for products and services before buying.

In this case looking for a product online also usually includes knowing what other people say about it. Most online shoppers state that product reviews by consumers have a significant or good impact on their purchasing behavior.

This is where online brand management comes in, as managing the brand is key to building the company’s image in the minds of consumers. We are well aware that this process is difficult and requires a long-term investment. It can take you decades to build a firmly established brand, and minutes to destroy your company’s image.

What are the benefits of Brand Monitoring?

One of the most important tasks of the public relations (PR) specialist is to sustain a good level of brand awareness. Simply put, brand awareness is how well known your brand is among your potential customers. For this to happen, you need to maintain an online brand presence.

By tracking mentions you can immediately notice a drop in the amount of mentions or an increase in negative comments, for example. Brand monitoring is also a great way to boost your SEO by building a solid profile and generating quality links. One tip is to contact the person who made the mention, thank them and ask them to insert the link of interest.

By knowing which news stories, releases and publications your competitors are appearing in, you can analyse audience reaction and draw conclusions about which content tactics and ideas work.

What are the main metrics to measure brand awareness?

Quantitative Metrics: help estimate your brand’s social reach. They measure the number of mentions, likes, shares, comments and followers.

Qualitative metrics: allow you to evaluate the image that your potential clients have of your brand. Tracking qualitative metrics demands more time and effort, being necessary to pay attention to the smallest details, such as the tone that journalists speak of your company, tone of mentions, as well as difficulties and questions that your consumers or potential customers have.

How to deal with negative feedback

Information spreads at the speed of light, and can attract the attention of millions of people in seconds. That’s why one of the most important goals is to anticipate any negative situation that may occur online. Many professionals believe that negative feedback is the worst thing that can happen to the company. Undoubtedly, negative mentions can be very damaging to your brand, but it is possible to take advantage of negative mentions to establish closer and more trusting relationships with your customers and receive honest feedback that can help improve your products and services.

How to deal with negative mentions?

It’s no good giving aggressive responses or ignoring negative comments. If you want to establish trust with your audience always remain calm and polite.

Response time is crucial! So respond immediately. Even if you don’t have an answer ready, let your customer know you’re working to solve their problem.

Why is it important to monitor your competitors’ mentions?

Analyse the tone they use to establish dialogue with the public and the reaction of potential customers. Note if the competitor can use the same tone in all social networks. Think about how you can stand out and be different.

What tools help to track mentions?

Nowadays, with the introduction of new technologies monitoring your brand can be done in one click at any time of the day.

Reputation monitoring: This type of tool allows you to monitor specific keywords and product names, for example, and even respond directly through the app.

Brand tracking: There are complex tools that allow you to do performance analysis of your content and track brand mentions according to language, location, author and keywords.

Brand monitoring: Monitor the entire Internet by tracking mentions of your brand or keywords. Tools of this type generally allow you to work with your mentions, creating lists, adding tags and marking the general sentiment of the mention.

Try to work with the best and most recognized in the market, this will certainly give you the best results.



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