Beware of These 4 Content Marketing Pitfalls

All businesses nowadays, online or offline, can create effective content marketing strategies to appeal to their audience and gain more customers. This is way of conveying to your potential clients what your business and product is about. Authentically engaging with your followers will have steady and long-term positive effect on your business’ success.

Studies show that content marketing is more effective than outbound marketing which can generate up to 3 times as many leads with fewer costs. However there are content marketing pitfalls that you might fall into and miss on capturing the benefits from this strategy. Below you will find some mistakes often made that lead to poor conversion rates.

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Masking a Sales Pitch as Content

Obviously businesses want first and foremost to make sales. In content marketing it is best to be moderate with your sales efforts and focus on listening to your audience and deliver what they expect of you. Pushing an instant call to action is often seen as irritating, when the customer maybe wants to find out more about your product.

The purpose of content marketing is to inform your potential customers. Give insightful information and present your products’ features to quench their thirst for details. This will have a more powerful effect on capturing the attention of your visitor and will lead to higher conversion rates.

Focusing Too Much on Text

Naturally when we want to communicate something we spell it out with text. This is the easiest and most popular method of communication; however visual aid can help you elevate your content to another level.

Visuals catch the attention of your viewers and improve comprehension. As the saying goes — a picture is worth a thousand words. Use numbers and statistics to convey information to your followers and you might experience an increase in social interactions and shares.

Hubspot’s revealed some statistics regarding the impact of visual aid in content marketing:

· People following directions that include both text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions with text only

· 32% of marketers say visuals / images are the most important format for their business

· Tweets with images receive 150% more re-tweets than tweets without images

Missing Call to Action

Having compelling content and having convinced your customers is only the first step towards a sale. Every piece of great content needs to have a call-to-action (CTA). This can be done in many ways: with a button that says “buy now”, “add to cart” or “find out more”; but it needs to be visible and easy to spot for the consumer.

The call-to-action will also give you insights on how often visitors follow your lead and whether they convert. To increase your CTA always appeal to your audience’s needs and make a compelling unique value proposition. Show that your product solves their needs.

Ignoring Social Media

Undoubtedly social media has taken the marketing world by storm. Social media enabled several different channels for brands to engage with their customers and every business should take advantage of that. Ignoring social media will see your content reach grow at a very slow pace in comparison to your competitors.

So, build up your social media profiles and start sharing with the world what your business has to offer.. Create quality content, promote it and see how it will spread through online worldwide web.

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