Back to Business: Marketing Tips During the Pandemic

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3 min readJul 22, 2020


Yes, digitisation has become more important for all industries in recent months. Ever since the pandemic had started, the new challenges for companies were mainly in sales, communication and shifting from analogue to digital.

Digitisation brings enormous opportunities with it — because digital is not a compromise, digital is the future. And even if shops are allowed to reopen bit by bit, the digital part should most definitely remain part of the marketing mix.

Here is what companies should consider now when reopening and how they can manage the balancing act between online and offline in the future.

1. Keep your distance! But not digitally

We all know about it — 1.50 meter distance please! But digitally this is not necessary. So use all digital channels and possibilities you have to approach your customers. What can that be? Very simple: The most personal way is probably direct messages. This includes SMS, newsletters, but also messages in social networks. Stay in touch with your customers, answer questions personally and keep everyone up to date. Even about the reopening of your business.

For this, however, the distance rule applies. So take all necessary precautions. Set distance markings and, if possible, provide disinfectant. Because one thing is clear: in these times, attention, safety and enough disinfectant are necessary for an undisturbed shopping experience. If you offer everything that is necessary, nothing stands in the way of a visit to your store.

2. Information is everything — online and offline

There are many different channels to inform customers and interested parties about news. The different target groups are likely to be found on different communication channels. When it comes to social media platforms, you are more likely to reach the younger generations, a display in the shop window informs walk-in customers and those who are not online, and a newsletter covers a fairly wide range of customers and connects you with all those who already know your business or brand.

In any case, it is important that you use all your channels to communicate your reopening, the changed opening hours or any special offers. The more channels you use, the more likely you are to reach them all.

Many people use Google to find out about the opening hours of companies and shops. So make sure to update the information in your Google My Business listing.

3. A good campaign creates new attention

To plan a special event for the reopening is almost commonplace. Why not this time too? Offer your customers and visitors in the shop special discounts or vouchers or a little goodie that comes with every purchase. This way you can not only encourage old customers to come back, but even attract new customers.

But also give an incentive to all those customers who are not yet ready to visit your shop. So set up a campaign that works both online and offline.

For service providers, discounted vouchers are available for later use. For example, hairdressers or beauticians can sell vouchers worth 50 euros for just 40 euros. There are no limits to the ideas and campaigns.

4. Be there, up-to-date, creative and relevant!

Multi-channel is the magic word these days. If you rely on only one communication channel or continue on the path of the pre-crisis period, you will probably have to cope with losses. So why not seize the opportunity and let digitalisation become part of your own concept? If you have a digital and offline presence, know the channels and know where and how to reach your target groups, for you the time of losses and restrictions is a time of innovation, digitalisation and restructuring.



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