An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization for Moving Companies

Search engine optimization (SEO) can become a great tool for companies that offer moving services to generate leads. Local service businesses need a constant flow of leads at a reasonable cost of acquisition.

Leads can be quite expensive and depending on your area, online ads can eat up a budget really quickly. At the same time the conversion on ads can be relatively low, driving up the cost of acquiring a customer. Therefore it becomes tough for moving companies to break even by providing their services at a reasonable price to customers.

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SEO can help a company generate leads for free on a consistent basis at some point. That’s why SEO can bring value to moving companies. The SEO strategy has huge potential if executed diligently and targeted accordingly.

Companies using SEO might start generating leads enough to sustain their business without appealing to paid advertising.

Landing Pages and Keywords

By quickly surveying the competition, you can see how other moving companies have similar landing pages generating traffic. For moving services, the top landing pages are usually service oriented and geographically targeted. This makes sense, as the process of moving is location-based.

Most popular keyword searches are something along the lines:

  • Local Movers (Specifying the area)
  • Long-Distance Movers
  • Hourly Movers
  • Residential Movers
  • Commercial Movers

You can target these search queries with your website or separate landing pages to attract traffic that will usually be highly qualified leads.

Online Reputation Management

Another absolutely imperative aspect for local service businesses like moving companies is to receive positive online reviews from their customers.

While optimization techniques will put your business in the eyesight of potential customers, this is not enough to convince them to contract you. Bringing customers on-board can be done using social proof in the form of customer reviews that will help them make up their mind.

Reviews can be displayed on your Google My Business profile, on Yelp and directly on your website. Having a strong review profile will also help you rank higher in local search and help convert more of the traffic into customers.

Content Marketing

In order to grab the attention of search engines and rank as high as possible on results pages, content marketing is a great way for moving companies to build their domain authority and relevancy over time.

When Google looks at a website it will try to find answers to questions like these:

  • How authoritative/credible is this website?
  • How relevant is this website?

Once you start providing relevant content to your niche and geographical area, your website will be a gold mine for search engines.

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